Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sirius (2013)

Title: Sirius (2013)
Network: KBS2
Format: Drama special
Cast: Seo JunYoung, Ryu SeungSoo, Park HyungSik

When other people rejoice every time a series is extended, I sit back and lament. I actually prefer short dramas and Sirius is a good example why. If it would have been longer, the drama probably wouldn't have maintained the suspenseful flow of narrative.

Do Shin-Woo (Seo JunYoung) is a straight-laced head of a police force unit. His team claims that he's obsessed with drug trafficking cases, but what they do not know is his past about his deceased mother and ex-convict brother, Do Eun-Chang (Seo JunYoung). Back in high school, Eun-Chang pretended to be Shin-Woo in order to threaten the students bullying his brother. The situation takes a turn for the worst when the bully dies accidentally, and everyone is suddenly blaming Eun-Chang leading to his imprisonment. Their mother consistently blames Shin-Woo for what happened, making him hate his convicted brother.

I probably didn't do the drama justice by that lame synopsis, but let me just tell you that this is a good family drama.  It only has four episodes, but those four episodes won't leave you hanging. In fact, the drama manages to utilize the few episodes to make it as exciting as possible. Any longer it would have probably lost its sizzle. It has a pretty engaging plot since you'll see the twins' lives transform simply due to a little incident back in high school.  The relationship between the two is already estranged, but the incident puts more strain in the relationship. A relationship that will never be mended it seems. 

At times it's more of a cop drama, but the relationship between two brothers take center stage. Seo JunYoung amazingly juggles two roles. He manages to breathe life in the characters of ShinWoo and EunChang, and the way he carries off the roles won't make you confused. I am just blown away by his acting, you know. He's playing two characters and he actually makes you feel like you're watching two actors and not just one playing two characters. It's amazing! Park Hyung-Shik, the one who plays the younger Shin-Woo and Eun-Chang is pretty convincing, too.

I have quite a few qualms in this series, though. First, I don't understand why cops don't carry guns with them. But since that probably has something to do with the laws in their country, I won't even comment how it made so many scenes baffling. My second problem is how Shin-Woo treats Eun-Chang! I know that's the way it's supposed to go, but it's frustrating how Eun-Chang is treated. Like, what did he do so wrong?!?! But that's just me being emotional.

The story manages to be compelling from start to end. They effectively link the past of the twins to the present. The director employs really good story-telling, but it's really Seo Jun-Young who makes this drama memorable.

Overall, this is a series I really enjoyed. With just 4 episodes, it really made sure that every minute will be worth it. It sure it didn't waste a single second on irrelevant stuff. I'm looking forward for other drama specials. If it's as well-produced and well-acted as Sirius, then I'm in.

All photo credits go to Hancinema.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tidbits: Reply 1994, Lupin III, CNBLUE in Manila

So the leads for Reply 1994 is finally cast and I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. Go Ara (Heading to the Ground) and Yoo Yeon-Seok (Gu Family Book, A Werewolf Boy) headline the sequel (or is it a prequel) to the 2012 drama hit Reply 1997.

The drama will be set on 1994 and will focus on basketball! I'm not exactly sure why it has to be called the second installment of the franchise because there's no recurring theme. Sure, it'll be set in the past, but it's just weird for me that it won't be involving idols this time? I'll still watch it, though!

I have a few qualms about the leads, however. Go Ara is one of the prettiest actresses for me. Heck, I used her photos as profile pictures in Friendster back in high school. Haha! But as an actress, she has yet to pull at the heartstrings. I couldn't stay long enough in Heading to the Ground, you see, but people are saying she's fairly decent. I guess I can keep my hopes up! Yoo Yeon-seok on the other hand seems to have the most diverse roles. He's annoying in A Werewolf Boy and partly disturbing in Gu Family Book so I guess he's effective as an actor.

I'm hoping the best for this drama because I really loved Repply 1997. As far as tvN production goes, I think we can expect a good production.


Oguri Shun is cast for the titular role in the movie Lupin III! I don't know true this is but Anime News Network seems reliable enough. Hee. I didn't get to faithfully watch Lupin III as a kid, but I'm at least familiar with it. So to know that there'll be a live-action movie of the anime is pretty exciting! And it's Oguri Shun to boot! It's amazing how seems to be bagging the roles of iconic anime characters. Congrats to him, I guess. :)

Sakurai Sho and Tsumabuki Satoshi will also be in the movie. Ugh, these three guys in one movie I just caaaaaaan't. So who's excited? !

However,  there's still no confirmation on who'll play Fujiko. Well, I have high expectation because Fujiko seems to be a very captivating and sexy woman. Haha.

March, can't you come any faster?


The long wait is over. Blue Moon in Manila concluded last week and Filipino Boices are beyond ecstatic! :)

I can't find a good copy of news videos online about CNBLUE's visit to the Philippines so I guess this one from 24 Oras will do. Besides, you can see YongHwa dancing on national TV there. Hahahaha. Also, you can see me at the aiport chasing the boys, good thing the video's REALLY blurry. Bahaha.

I have yet to blog about the concert but I already blogged a very detailed account of the stalking I did here.

No biases aside, I though it was a pretty good concert, and I wouldn't be suprised if the boys would come to the country for another concert, hopefully next year. Let the savings begin! 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

[ENG SUBS] Hormones the Series

Hormones the Series
Hooray for subbers! :)

Hormones the Series is produced by GTH, inspired by the movie of the same name. I really like the movie so I am interested in watching this series. Amazingly, it seems to be a bit liberated than your normal Asian drama, and I am excited! I was afraid that no one would sub this but someone nice on Youtube did. So thank you. This will be my first lakorn, I'm excited. ^^

Title: Hormones the Series
# of episodes: 13
Producer: GTH
Director: Songyos Sungmakanan

Ep 00: Full
Ep 01: Full
Ep 02 (Dopamine): Full
Ep 03 (Endorphin): Full
Ep 04 (Serotonin): Full
Ep 05 (Estrogen): Full
Ep 06 (Dopamine): Full
Ep 07 (Adrenaline): Full
Ep 08 (Progesterone): Full
Ep 09 (Cortisol): Full
Ep 10 (Testosterone vs Estrogen): Full
Ep 11 (Oxytocin): Full
Ep 12 (Growth Hormones): Full
Ep 13 (Bursting Hormones): Full

(Last update 08/26/13)

I will update this once new subbed episodes come out! :) Thank you to Sai fon of Youtube for uploading and Th-Angel for the english subs!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

2013 Eiga Sai (A Japanese Film Festival)

Eiga Sai 2013
EIGA SAI 2013 
In celebration of the Philippines–Japan Friendship Month in July and the 40th Year of ASEAN – Japan Friendship and Cooperation anchored on the theme “ASEAN-Japan Partnership: Thoughts Connected- Future Connected”, a series of culturally-inspiring and artistically-stimulating month–long activities are to be expected from The Japan Foundation, Manila in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, UP Film Institute, and the Film Development Council of the Philippines with the support of WAO Corporation, SPOT.PH, ClickTheCity.Com, Cravings, C2 Classic Cuisine, Lombardi’s, Wicked, and the Coffee Beanery. The staging of the much-anticipated “Eiga-Sai” (Japanese Film Festival) kicks-off the festivity and commences with an invitational screening to the film “About Her Brother” (“Otouto”) on July 3 at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 2, EDSA, Mandaluyong City. 
“Otouto” is Master filmmaker Yoji Yamada’s first contemporary feature in ten years. He has always been known for his humanistic films. Paying homage to Ichikawa Kon's film of the same title, the film’s story revolves on a widow's unconditional love for her prodigal brother, as well as that of other people who have been touched by her kindness. Itisa heartwarming depiction of the bond between a hard-working older sister Ginko (Yoshinaga Sayuri) and her younger brother Tetsuro (Shofukutei Tsurube), an unsuccessful performer and drunkard. Widowed young, Ginko runs a pharmacy in Tokyo and lives with her daughter, Koharu (Aoi Yu). Koharu is to marry a distinguished doctor; but, out of the blue, Ginko's long lost brother, Tetsuro shows up at the wedding—wasted and not in his best elements, he ruins the occasion. Having to put up with him all her life, Ginko is ready to disown her burdensome younger brother; but, some things are easier said than done. 
The film has enjoyed successful runs at various international film festivals abroad and emerged as one of the most acclaimed films from Japan in 2010, earningthe closing night attraction at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival. 
This year’s festival will also feature the complete edition of Always Sunset on Third Street (ALWAYS - Zoku Sancho-me no Yuhi) Part 1 to 3, Confessions (Kokuhaku), Kamui (Kamui Gaiden), Rinco’s Restaurant (Shokudo Katatsumuri), Mai Mai Miracle (Mai Mai Shinko to sennen no maho), Castle Under Fiery Skies (Katen no Shiro), Japan, Our Homeland, Parade and Dear Doctor
All films will be shown with English subtitles. Screening venues are at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 2 (July 4 to 14), Abreeza, Ayala and FDCP Cinematheque, Davao City (July 19 to 28), Ayala Center Cinema 4, Cebu City (August 7 to 11) and UP Film Institute, Quezon City (August 19 to 25). For detailed screening schedules and inquiries, please access the Japan Foundation, Manila website: or call the JFM telephone numbers (+632) 811-6155 to 58.
Downloads: 2013 Eiga Sai flyer & Screening schedule


Ototo (2010)

Always - Sunset on Third Street (2005)

Always - Sunset on Third Street (2007)

Always - Sunset on Third Street (2012)

Confessions (2010)

Castle Under Fiery Skies (2009)

Japan, Our Homeland (2006)

Light Up, Nippon (2012)
Not a trailer. I think this is the entire docu.

Dear Doctor (2009)

Kamui Gaiden (2009)

Parade (2010)

Mai Mai Miracle (2009)

Wanko - The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog (2011)

Fukushima Hula Girls (2011)

Rinco's Restaurant (2010)

Haru's Journey (2010)

Brave Story (2006)


I realized that I'll be away on the last week of Eiga Sai but I hope that I'll have time the other days! I've never attended Eiga Sai in all my years in Manila but I plan to change that this year. Hohoho.

So, who wants to watch Eiga Sai with me? :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

E.X.O.'s First Album, XOXO

Having another boyband to capture my heart is a bad idea. After all, who has the time for another boyband, right? Well, I tried hard to stay away but I really, really E.X.O.'s debut album, XOXO!

Of course I've heard of EXO, they've been around for so long. It's just hard to believe that it's only their first album since it's been so long since they had their debut. But technically, they're still a newbie boyband, right? Anyway, it's a relief that they released an album of this quality! Who would have thought, right?

Okay, before Exotics shower me with insults, I actually mean it in a good way, I think. It's just that SM had pushed the release of their debut album for so long that fans had lowered their expectations for the album. (I follow so many Exotics on Tumblr, so believe me I know haha.) Then the album's released and we get better than expected!

I know that it's Shinee that was pegged to be the next TVXQ, but EXO's songs gave me more of that feel. I don't know. It's probably the mix of mid-tempo, ballad and powerful songs in one album? I'm not sure. I'm no music expert! Haha.

I am far from being an Exotic, but right now, I'm loving this album. I have to admit though that I haven't listened to EXO-M's (Hug Ver.) version yet. But from what I've heard from EXO-K, I think SM is on a good track. Just as long as they keep up the releases, I'm pretty sure that EXO can yield good results as well, as good as the sales and impact as other SM boybands anyway!

Wolf isn't my favorite song from the album, but it sure grows on me! My favorites definitely have to be Baby, Don't Cry and Don't Go! I can listen to those two songs all day! I also like 3.6.5. and Peter Pan! I'm so frustrated because I don't who's singing, though. I guess I have to familiarize with the boys first!

I'm far from being an Exotic, and I don't think I can afford to be addicted to another boyband. But I really like where EXO is going with their music, and I'm pretty sure Chanyeol is out to capture my heart. Yep, he's just so so so cute.

To end this post on a really happy note, below are some of my favorite photos from their album jacket and promo materials. I definitely love the school concept. It's so simple but I'd take it anytime over the weird concepts SM come up with.

All photo credits go to EXO Gallery @
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