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2013 Eiga Sai (A Japanese Film Festival)

Eiga Sai 2013
EIGA SAI 2013 
In celebration of the Philippines–Japan Friendship Month in July and the 40th Year of ASEAN – Japan Friendship and Cooperation anchored on the theme “ASEAN-Japan Partnership: Thoughts Connected- Future Connected”, a series of culturally-inspiring and artistically-stimulating month–long activities are to be expected from The Japan Foundation, Manila in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, UP Film Institute, and the Film Development Council of the Philippines with the support of WAO Corporation, SPOT.PH, ClickTheCity.Com, Cravings, C2 Classic Cuisine, Lombardi’s, Wicked, and the Coffee Beanery. The staging of the much-anticipated “Eiga-Sai” (Japanese Film Festival) kicks-off the festivity and commences with an invitational screening to the film “About Her Brother” (“Otouto”) on July 3 at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 2, EDSA, Mandaluyong City. 
“Otouto” is Master filmmaker Yoji Yamada’s first contemporary feature in ten years. He has always been known for his humanistic films. Paying homage to Ichikawa Kon's film of the same title, the film’s story revolves on a widow's unconditional love for her prodigal brother, as well as that of other people who have been touched by her kindness. Itisa heartwarming depiction of the bond between a hard-working older sister Ginko (Yoshinaga Sayuri) and her younger brother Tetsuro (Shofukutei Tsurube), an unsuccessful performer and drunkard. Widowed young, Ginko runs a pharmacy in Tokyo and lives with her daughter, Koharu (Aoi Yu). Koharu is to marry a distinguished doctor; but, out of the blue, Ginko's long lost brother, Tetsuro shows up at the wedding—wasted and not in his best elements, he ruins the occasion. Having to put up with him all her life, Ginko is ready to disown her burdensome younger brother; but, some things are easier said than done. 
The film has enjoyed successful runs at various international film festivals abroad and emerged as one of the most acclaimed films from Japan in 2010, earningthe closing night attraction at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival. 
This year’s festival will also feature the complete edition of Always Sunset on Third Street (ALWAYS - Zoku Sancho-me no Yuhi) Part 1 to 3, Confessions (Kokuhaku), Kamui (Kamui Gaiden), Rinco’s Restaurant (Shokudo Katatsumuri), Mai Mai Miracle (Mai Mai Shinko to sennen no maho), Castle Under Fiery Skies (Katen no Shiro), Japan, Our Homeland, Parade and Dear Doctor
All films will be shown with English subtitles. Screening venues are at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 2 (July 4 to 14), Abreeza, Ayala and FDCP Cinematheque, Davao City (July 19 to 28), Ayala Center Cinema 4, Cebu City (August 7 to 11) and UP Film Institute, Quezon City (August 19 to 25). For detailed screening schedules and inquiries, please access the Japan Foundation, Manila website: or call the JFM telephone numbers (+632) 811-6155 to 58.
Downloads: 2013 Eiga Sai flyer & Screening schedule


Ototo (2010)

Always - Sunset on Third Street (2005)

Always - Sunset on Third Street (2007)

Always - Sunset on Third Street (2012)

Confessions (2010)

Castle Under Fiery Skies (2009)

Japan, Our Homeland (2006)

Light Up, Nippon (2012)
Not a trailer. I think this is the entire docu.

Dear Doctor (2009)

Kamui Gaiden (2009)

Parade (2010)

Mai Mai Miracle (2009)

Wanko - The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog (2011)

Fukushima Hula Girls (2011)

Rinco's Restaurant (2010)

Haru's Journey (2010)

Brave Story (2006)


I realized that I'll be away on the last week of Eiga Sai but I hope that I'll have time the other days! I've never attended Eiga Sai in all my years in Manila but I plan to change that this year. Hohoho.

So, who wants to watch Eiga Sai with me? :)


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