Sunday, 26 August 2012

10 Out of the Many Reasons to Love YongSeo

I don't really ship people in real life. I often get invested in fictional relationships but in real people? Not so much. But when a friend convinced me to watch Jung YongHwa and Seo JooHyun's stint on We Got Married, I shipped a couple for the first time. I ship them so hard that months after I finished watching their episodes, I still can't get over the YongSeo couple. Months after I watched the last episode, I still feel as if I'm going through a Goguma withdrawal. I keep coming back!

I have watched other We Got Married couples (Lettuce Couple, Adam Couple, Khuntoria Couple) but not one can replace them in my heart. I can't even finish the Khuntoria episodes because I end up watching a YongSeo episode after every Khuntoria episode that I watch. I sometimes wonder if it's still healthy. Heh.

I think I have pretty valid reasons on why I love Yong and Hyun (together and apart!). So while I was watching the last few episodes (for the hundredth time I think!), I thought, "I have to write this down." Other things need to be written but this can't wait. While my Goguma feelings are still running high, I present to you--in no particular order because I'm not really good with ranking--why the Goguma Couple is the best OTP in the history of OTPs.

But I'll put it under a cut since I know some people are afraid of delusional fans (e.g. me).

Friday, 24 August 2012

I Can't Wait To Torrent You (08.12)

It's a shame that Asian movies don't really cross the borders of their own countries. For example, it's not always that a Thai film would be screened in the Philippines, but I wish it would happen more. Fans are left to their own devises, finding ways to watch a Korean movie without having to fly to Korea. This is why I support piracy! Haha! But really, we can't just buy DVDs all the time because that's freaking expensive. I  prefer torrenting my movies instead of streaming them for the simple reason that I am easily distracted when I stream them.

There are tons of reasons why it sucks to be a fan of Asian movies. First, even if you have the means to download or watch it online, it's still released months after it premiered in their home country. Second, when there's a DVD rip or a Blu-Ray rip already, you still have to wait for subs. I think it will be years before I can watch a Korean movie without subs. And I don't think I'll ever learn Nihonggo or Thai in this lifetime. So download it is. And waiting. Months of waiting.


GTH's latest offering is aptly titled to celebrate their 7th year in the industry. The movie stars actors and actresses that have played a part in the company's growth in the Thai film industry over the years. But my reasons for wanting to watch this movie is pretty shallow.

  1. Jirayu "Kao" La-ongmanee! *insert more exclamation marks here* I'll watch anything he's in!
  2. I just believe in GTH's ability to weave a heartfelt movie anthology. They proved it in Hormones but I am raising my expectations for Seven Something.
  3. I'm interested to see Nickhun's first venture into acting! And he's speaking in Thai here and not Korean and that's pretty interesting in my opinion. Hehe.
  4. This review pretty much cemented my resolve to watch this movie no matter what.
  5. It's a GTH film and that's enough reason for me. Thank you.
I wish Star Cinema would think of bringing this to the Philippines, too, like what they did with Chantavit Dhanasevi's ATM. PLEASE!


This movie is rapidly climbing its way on top of the highest-grossing South Korean films. You see, in Korea they gauge the success of the movie not on how much it earned but on the numbers of tickets sold. And I think that's a pretty good method!

  1. I haven't seen Jun JiHyun in a Korean film in such a long time. Her absence is much missed.
  2. I'm actually into this kind of stuff? I like action and heist films and I've watched all the Ocean's movies so I want to see Korea's take on this genre!
  3. It's start-studded!! Lee JungJae, Kim HyeSoo, Kim SooHyun, etc.
  4. I trust any movie that has Kim YunSeok in it.
That's it, I think.

I think in this bunch, this is the one I'm most excited to see? I'm not even sure why!


  1. CHA TAEHYUN. He's the guy to go to when you need a laugh. Look at the poster, it's enough to make me smile the entire day!
  2. Oh JiHo and his mane of glory.
  3. It's a heist film with a twist because it's set in the Joseon era! It's a sageuk film with a group of thieves who want to steal ice. Yeah, that's pretty interesting to me.
  4. For some weird reason, I'm becoming interested in sageuk productions that has a different element into it, and not just about history and stuff. It'll take time before I become fully invested in a historical sageuk.
I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this movie. I believe I have to wait a couple more months because it only premiered in Korea this month. /crying


OF COURSE. OF COURSE. Anyone who grew up watching the anime Samurai X dreamt of Kenshin (or Sanosuke, for my sister's case) as a plausible boyfriend. Well, I sure did. When I first heard of this movie, I died a little inside and screamed aloud outside. Haha.

  1. SATO TAKERU OMG. It was last year, I think, when I first saw this glorious boy in the drama Bloody Monday. A few months later, I learned that he's bringing to life one of my dream boys. The heavens are too good.
  2. Just thinking about it is enough to give me a heart attack. All these people that I only saw animated are transformed to life! I'm not a diehard fan, but I love Kenshin, okay. I am sometimes tempted to draw an 'X' on my boyfriend's face. I'm not even joking. I will, one of these days.
  3. Because I can't even think of one reason why I shouldn't be excited. Somebody ship me to Japan once they start showing this movie in cinemas. I'd love to watch it in a big screen. It's a bit hopeless but I'm keeping my hopes up that some organization (or maybe the Japanese embassy?) will bring this movie to my country.
  4. I'm not even afraid that they'd mess up the essence of the story. I'm not the littlest bit scared that they won't give justice to the anime and manga. I'm a tad too confident that this movie will be amazing.
Forget what I said about Gone With the Wind. I'm most excited to see the Rurouken movie.


Honestly, this is not on top of my list but I'm still pretty psyched to see this movie.

  1. It's Joo JiHoon's movie comeback after being released from the army. He's on a roll! I am really glad to see the guy back on his feet. Good thing Korea has the army for the actors to clean their image once they screw up.
  2. I think this will be my first time to see Joo JiHoon in a role that's not too serious! The stills looked so fun! He takes way too many serious roles.
  3. The premise seems pretty fun! I'm not that familiar with The Prince and the Pauper but I understand how this one goes. Also, it's once again set during Joseon Dynasty. Or is it Goryeo? I dunno.

So I am trying to increase my download ratio in Asiatorrents so once the torrents of these movies were released, I could download to my heart's content. I'll cross my fingers and toes and whatever I have to cross just so I could watch these movies as soon as possible.

Friday, 17 August 2012

71 Into the Fire (2010)

Set during the Korean War, 71 Into the Fire is a film based on the true story of 71 student soldiers who were tasked to defend the Poyang Middle School from the hands of North Korean soldiers. Though new to war, the student soldiers are left to their own devises. They're lead by Oh JungBeom, a young soldier who doubts that he can lead a troop of soldiers.

The movie is beautifully shot in a hue of blue and yellow. This movie is so yellow, but in a good way. I am often left to pause the movie and admire the framing of a particular scene. How the director seemed to have captured the essence of the story not just through the eyes of the characters but the feel of the whole place. When there aren't explosions and gunshots, this movie is so quiet, and that makes it even more intriguing, heightening the suspense for each season.

To say that this movie has affected me is an understatement. Though this isn't the first Korean War-themed movie that I have watched, the fact that it's based on true accounts and with students are the main focus, it was enough to leave quite a lasting impression. This movie is just so heartfelt, and most importantly, it's not just about war. It's about the youth giving up their life for the country, finding camaraderie even in the people they deem to be their nemesis. It's about finding in yourself the strength to be a leader and being a hero in your own rights.

It's chilling how you see these group of students who are itching to fight, who are willing to fight. They arrive at the camp with so much courage but after their first encounter with the enemy, they couldn't sleep without dearly holding on their rifles. They are just kids, and they didn't fully grasp at first that many people die when fighting in a war. It's only when they experienced a shoot out that they comprehend the consequences of war. It's only when they start losing friends, losing fellow soldiers, that they realize that it's no laughing matter.

This scene breaks my heart and gives me so much hope, too. I don't know. I'm confused. ;__;

Oh Jung-Beom (Choi SeungHyun) doesn't have the confidence to lead a group of rowdy soldiers who won't take him seriously. So he ruled with seriousness, reprimanding those who won't listen, being firm with his decisions. KapJo (Kwon SangWoo) is one of the stubborn soldiers who think Oh Jung-Beom isn't a rightful leader. But he always puts KapJo in his rightful place. It's amazing how Oh Jung-Beom grows from someone who refuses to be a leader to someone who knows when to make the important decision and how to make others follow him. When the student soldiers start to take him seriously and when Oh Jung-Beom starts to become the source of strength for other soldiers, I almost shed a tear. It's such a huge leap from the tongue-tied soldier who fumbles with his rifle. I was so proud.

There's a good dispersion of suspense in a way that it's not just always fighting and gun wars. The characters are fleshed out as individuals and as soldiers. Oh Jung-Beom and KapJo have different ways of dealing with the enemy but you see where they're both coming from, you can empathize with both, even when you don't have to agree.

The fighting scenes are so well-made. The one filmed in a grassy field when they chase after North Korean snipers is enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. It's only the half-way through the film and we're getting all this suspense already! The final action sequence is quite powerful, too. Even minor characters are given the chance to have their own heroic moments. I think some are overdone but it's enough to crush my soul. When they see that the battle's about to be lost, they just give it all. Just give it all because it's all about to end anyway. Might as well give it your best shot. Little fools sacrificing their own lives for friends and for the country. How can you not love them?

It's quite hard to believe that it's Choi SeungHyun's (T.O.P.) first full-length film! He's still a newbie in the movie industry but he wasn't afraid to take on a lead role next to veterans such as Cha SeungWon and Kwon SangWoo. T.O.P. perfectly portrays the role of a timid boy who grows into confidence and courage. It's my first time to witness his acting so I'm really quite surprised.

Kwon SangWoo is quite amazing as KapJo. The scene where he buried his friend pretty much wrenched my heart out. I can't remember Kwon SangWoo being this good. Or maybe I haven't watched enough of his films and dramas to know that he's quite good in acting. And of course, Cha SeungWon is such an effective villain that even without saying a line, it's enough to dominate a whole scene. Or maybe there's just something in his aura that villain roles are so fitting for him.

When I get to watch a war flick this well-made, a part of me aches to watch more. Since I'm already suffering from such a sad movie, why don't I just watch more to make the pain unbearable? Right? I'm not sure how much is based on true accounts. But it's effective story-telling and definitely bought me. 71 Into the Fire isn't my favorite South Korean war flick, but it's going in my list of favorites.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Korean Dramas Premiering This August

I think I might go crazy this month.

I'm looking forward to three Korean dramas this month and it's safe to say that I can't contain my excitement. Actually, I have different levels of excitement and different reasons why I want to watch each drama. Good thing the dramas I'm watching these days are ending and one has already ended. I have the tendency to panic when I have so many things I want to watch and so little time to do it!



Number one reason why I want to watch Faith:

It stars Lee MinHo, that's enough reason to watch this! Come on, look at that smile, wouldn't you be lured in, too? Heh.

Faith is set in something-something period (Goryeo Period, I think) but with a twist because there will be magic and powerful enemies and time travel.  Okay, the time travel aspect isn't exactly new since it's been utilized and used as focus by three Korean drams this year: Rooftop Price, Time Slip Dr. Jin,  and Queen InHyun's Man. Though the fact that time travel will play a huge role on Faith, it's actually one of the reasons why I'll tune in. I can't wait for them to bring something new to the genre. And I mean, it's Lee MinHo! I'm pretty sure he'll kickass as the King's loyal bodyguard. And his character description says he's not afraid of dying and his hobby is sleeping! Who wouldn't love a man like that?

But seriously, though. I think it will be my next favorite because it has a mix of action, comedy, fantasy, and some period stuff. I'm pretty sure it will be amazing! Also, Lee MinHo is rocking that hair! I just missed him, okay. City Hunter was my favorite series last year and it took him soooo long to go back to the small screen. I'm glad that he's back with a series that I have 80% chance of loving.

Oh, and uhm, I forgot to mention that Lee MinHo stars opposite Kim HeeSun, who plays a dermatologist. She's abducted by Lee MinHo's character and brings her back to the past. Pretty exciting stuff. Haha.

Wathc Faith's Official Teaser 4:

Faith premieres tonight on SBS and airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Sources: + Soompi



Shin MinAh is back, and this time, as a ghost. She plays Arang, a popular ghost in Korean mythology. She's brutally murdered and wakes up as a ghost with no memories of who she was and who murdered her. She ends up haunting every magistrate in town, urging them to investigate on her murder. Lee JunKi, of course, plays the magistrate. He can see ghosts but try hard to ignore them.

I'm the biggest fan of Shin MinAh and at this point, I'd probably watch anything she's in. She can turn on the cute one minute then be all badass and fierce the next. Have you seen My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?! She sure knows how to work on her charm. I feel like she'll be offered tons of mythical roles because it just suits her so well. I haven't even seen Arang and the Magistrate and I can already tell! As for Lee JunKi, I'm not the biggest fan. I know, right? What the heck is wrong with me! But I think he's a pretty good actor. He proves that in the movie The King and the Clown. I just think that he's too pretty sometimes that's why I'm glad that he took on a period drama for his comeback project. I think it's a pretty good career movie. He just got out of the army period dramas seem to be the "in" thing now.

I have high hopes for this because obviously! Have you seen the trailer? Have you seen the other characters? Have you seen the antagonists? Well, you should because that will probably convince you to watch it, too.

MBC's Arang and the Magistrate starts on August 15 and will be aired every Wednesday and Thursday.



If Japan and Taiwan already have an adaptation, then South Korea should follow, right? Right.

Here's South Korea's take on Hana Kimi, but with a different title. To the Beautiful You stars Choi MinHo (Shinee) and Sulli (F(x)) in their first lead roles. I think this is actually MinHo's first acting role! Or not, I'm not very updated with Shinee stuff. Also, a bunch of other SME artists are in this adaptation so expect tons of fangirls watching and probably a lot of awkward dialogues and hovering in the background. I'm pretty excited.

I'm not sure how I feel about this drama. I a big fan of the Japanese Hana Kimi that's why I didn't watch the Taiwanese version. Does that make sense? Well, I don't really like that they cast not-so-experienced actors for this show.  Well, it has a pretty strong supporting cast but let's be real, it'll the lead role who'd be carrying the weight of the show.

The truth is, I have tons of reasons why I want to watch this show:
  • It's a high school drama! Who doesn't like high school dramas? A lot of people, actually.
  • MinHo's the only one I like in Shinee.
  • Sulli actually looks good as a boy. Wow.
  • Exo!
  • Chanyeol
  • Chanyeol
  • Chanyeol
Starting on August 15, To the Beautiful You airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.

Sources: Dramabeans + Couch Kimchi + Exochocolate


The fact that these three dramas premiere this week is enough to disorient me. I don't know how I'd watch it all! But for the love of Korean dramas, I will manage.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)

The latest animated full-length film from Studio Ghibli doesn't disappoint. Armed with a charming landscape and an innocent story of first love, From Up on Poppy Hill delivers an entertaining story that takes place in the '60s about two people who grow closer as they try to stop the demolition of their school's club house, Quarter Latin.

Directed by Goro Miyazaki with the screenplay written by Hayao Miyazaki, I certainly had high expectations. Execution-wise, I enjoyed the progress of the story. Umi's character is established first. She stands as the head of household since her father already passed away and her mother's not home. She takes her responsibilities seriously. She raises her flags everyday, as a way of paying tribute to the memory of her sailor father. Shun is an active participant in the rally against the club house's demolition. He's the hero of the school as he courageously attracted everyone's attention by jumping from the roof of a school building. He makes passive passes to the girl he likes by writing poems and asking her to do some stencils. It's kind of cute. Heh.

I like how the story of the two develops. Shun has noticed Umi (and her flag-raising activity) for quite a while now but Umi hasn't noticed. But the impending demolition brought the two together as they devise ways for them to save it. They aren't very forward with how they feel for each other but somehow, they make it so obvious! But when they are suddenly faced with a problem that can jeopardize their little romance, they are suddenly open to how they feel.

Just like many Ghibli movies, there's no apparent antagonist and the main problem is easily resolved. But for some reason, I'm not a fan of the way the problem was fixed. It seems rushed and the problem seems forced. It's like they just created the difficulty for the sake of having one, just so Umi and Shun would have something to go through. But I think the plans for the demolition of club house is enough trial for the two. I think it's enough difficulty for them to triumph together and to establish their feelings for each other. Or maybe I'm just rooting for the two so much. As individuals, I adore them both. Together, they're flawless! That's why I am turned off by the way the short-lived dilemma is hurled at them.

Petty dilemma aside, I enjoyed this still. My favorite parts are the little moments between our hero and heroine and the times when everyone is re-building and cleaning up the club house.

A bit of me feels as if there's nothing quite exceptional about the movie. But it's pretty nostalgic and I'm a sucker for any story about first love.

Friday, 10 August 2012

I Give My First Love to You (2009)

I Give My First Love To You is a story of a boy named Takuma (Okasa Masaki) who meets his one true love when he's just a kid, the same time that he learns he has a heart condition. Takuma's first love, Mayu (Inoue Mao), is determined to marry him and sticks to him at all times. But just like what Takuma says, their love has a time limit.

I enjoyed the movie from start to finish. I know where the story is heading but I watch it all the same. For some reason, this movie gives me the same feel as the other Japanese movies of the same genre that I've watched. It starts cute, but somehow leads to its tragic ending. I'm saying it from here on because I'm pretty sure that based on the synopsis alone, it's not much of a spoiler.

Takuma knows early on that he doesn't have much longer to live but with every year that passes, he just keeps on wanting to live more. Mayu has been on his side since they're kids and he understands how much pain she suffers because of him. Wanting to stop her from living her life around him, he decides to break up with her. He decides to go to a high school for highly intelligent students, and Mayu knows that it's almost impossible for her to get in that school. But it's not the end of the line for the two because Mayu makes sure that she gets in that school, even hiring ten tutors!

I usually don't like love stories where it's evident that the lives of the leads revolve around each other. But I'm willing to make an exception for this two. They know that their time is short, so what are they supposed to do? Sure, they can live their lives without the other, but they'd rather not. And I see why they do it and I'd probably do the same. Mayu is such a strong-willed character that she just wouldn't accept Takuma's noble idiocy. They are smart people and they may be emotional at times but I like how they both move the story forward. I believe their character arcs have been developed quite well, too.

What I love the best about this movie is Takuma and Mayu's obvious chemistry! Argh. They're just incredibly cute together! Their bickering and every other interaction seem to flow naturally. Inoue Mao is amazing as Mayu. She's clingy but she makes that clinginess adorable. I may be biased in saying this. I'm not sure how I'd react if it's some other actress.

I'm only bothered with how the story ends. I know that they didn't really show much after Takuma dies but Mayu seems to handle it quite well. Too well? Everything she does, she does it with Takuma in mind. It's just quite amazing that she doesn't fall apart when he died. I don't know. Maybe the denial and anger and pretty much everything else that comes with handling someone's death happened off-screen. I hope she manages well. It's not like she wasn't prepared. But they have this few minutes of hope, that Takuma might actually survive! And to have that taken away is probably much harder to accept than not having the littlest of hope.

It's worth a try, especially when you love movies like Koizora. This one, at least, isn't annoying and has an incredibly strong heroine.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki Star on Space Brothers

When Mutta was 12-years-old and Hibito was 9-years-old the two brothers saw what they thought was an UFO flying towards the moon. They made a pact then to become astronauts and one day fly into space together.  
Fast forward to the year 2025. Older brother Mutta (Oguri Shun) works as for an automotive company and his younger brother Hibito (Okada Masaki) works as an astronaut. Although Mutta failed to follow through on his childhood promise, after losing his job, he receives a phone call from Hibito which reignites his childhood dream of flying into outer space. (Asianwiki)

I laughed so much when I saw the poster. How can that guy be Oguri Shun?! Haha. You know an actor is serious about his craft when he's willing to go through drastic changes just to play out a character. I've loved Oguri Shun since Gokusen, and I think I'll love him even more in this movie.

I have only seen two works of Okada Masaki (I Give My First Love to You and Confession) and loved him in both. So yes, I am pretty psyched to see this movie. I won't say no to some bromance and brotherly love.

The premise of the movie seems promising, too. It's based on a manga, Ucho Kyodai, and I happen to like movies based on mangas. I wonder how this one plays out. It was already released on Japan May of this year and was screened on the 2012 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

See some stills and the trailer below:

Sources: Asianwiki + FTG

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Reunion (2012)

If you've seen the trailer of The Reunion on ABS-CBN, you're probably as confused as I am. There seems to be no storyline, just a lot of random antics and possible love lines. So here's one that actually has a plot:

Someone definitely heard my wishes when I said I wanted a barkada movie. But I didn't expect that it would be this. I should have included specific details on what I want and who they should cast.

Directed by Frasco Mortiz, The Reunion is about a group of friends who reunites a few years after high school, thus, the title.  It stars the most in-demand actors from the network: Enchong Dee, Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, and Kean Cipriano. And their leading ladies in the movie are Jesse Mendiola, Bangs Garcia, Julia Montes, and Megan Young. What they failed to mention is that Cristine Reyes is in this movie, too. They should have given her more emphasis if Star Cinema was trying to make this a blockbuster. Haha!

Seriously though, with these four guys and four leading ladies, I'm pretty sure fans will flock to the theaters. But I'm not sure if if I'd be one of them. In fact, I have a strong dislike for Xian Lim, Enrique and Jesse Mendiola that it's enough to convince me not to watch it. But it's something that Star Cinema hasn't tried in years. I'll try to conquer my annoyance at the lead actors and try to see them beyond their showbiz personalities and view them as their movie characters.

The major reason why I'm willing to give this a shot is because I believe Star Cinema has the potential to make a good barkada movie. Over the past few years, they made the barkada of the lead roles powerful supporting characters on the life of lead roles. Take One More Chance and My Amnesia Girl as examples. More so on One More Chance, the barkada gives insight and perspective on the plot. Some of them even has their own sub-stories and provide more than just comic relief.

I have one last thing to say, why did they make Janus Del Prado as an extra? Come on, he's one of the best actors of his generation and it's past-time that he should be given a leading role in a movie. I'm fine seeing him on good Maalaala Mo Kaya roles but I want to see a movie with him as the lead. Who's with me?

The Reunion opens nationwide on August 15, 2012.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Intoy Syokoy (2012)

The main reason why I watched Intoy Syokoy was because of JM De Guzman, and after watching it, I realized that I had a pretty good reason. Despite all the snot and grime, JM consistently proves to be cute in every scene, despite his seemingly haggard appearance. Yes, I've been told a couple of times that I'm pretty shallow.

I have nothing much to say about Intoy Syokoy, because there wasn't anything new. Somehow, it felt as if it's a movie we've seen countless of times already.

Based on Eros Atalia's character, Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino is a story of a teenage boy who tries to get by life one mussel at a time. After Intoy's father died due to an accident (or a broken heart, whichever), his mother abandons him. He has no one left besides his friends. He manages to survive each day with the hope of getting out of Kalye Marino, hopefully with Doray, the love of his life.

Besides this plotline, pretty much everything else is reminiscent of 50% of Filipino indie films. It's about poverty, that's pretty much a given. It's about the vicious cycle of going back to zero just when you start to think that you could finally get out of the hellhole. I was waiting for something else, something new. A ray of sunshine to bring some good to the lives of these teens from Kalye Marino.

Tedious is something that comes to mind when I try to think of an adjective to describe this movie. It's long. But I somehow felt as if it didn't go anywhere. We see a resolution to Intoy's love for Doray, who ends up becoming a prostitute when she couldn't find a job anywhere else. But other than that, it's a sad tale for the people who lives in Kalye Marino.

There are some things that I don't understand such as how Doray has AIDS. I'm not that familiar with the disease but I don't think it takes effect that fast. One of Intoy's friend's father is a seaman who died, beheaded by pirates. I don't understand how his head kept in a too simple container reached his home. I wonder if the government sent that container but I somehow think it should be presented in a better manner.

(photo source)
Maybe I expected too much. How dare I expect rainbows and butterflies when white tide phenomena and sexually transmitted disease are normal occurrence in Kalye Marino. But it was a tiring movie experience.

But with all these said, I still think it was worth my time and money. I don't regret watching the movie, and not just JM, too. I think Intoy's character arc is developed well enough. We see him grow as a person. We see him move on from every misfortune that enters his life. But for a viewer, it's all too much to handle.

I only have praises for the cast. I even think LJ Reyes is quite good in this moive. But it was Joross Gamboa who definitely steals the spotlight. He won Best Supporting Actor in the New Breed category for a reason. He seems to have a knack for playing supporting roles that will leave an impression on the viewers' minds. His character is not just a comic relief in this movie, too. It's nice to see him grow from the Joross Gamboa of Star Circle Quest to a respected actor who knows his craft.

I say, give this movie a try. It's not as bad as I make it out to be. But make sure to have your heart prepared from all the possible breaking it has to go through just by seeing JM crushed. I dare you not to want to leap forward and give the poor boy a hug. Intoy definitely needs one (or a hundred).

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