Friday, 24 August 2012

I Can't Wait To Torrent You (08.12)

It's a shame that Asian movies don't really cross the borders of their own countries. For example, it's not always that a Thai film would be screened in the Philippines, but I wish it would happen more. Fans are left to their own devises, finding ways to watch a Korean movie without having to fly to Korea. This is why I support piracy! Haha! But really, we can't just buy DVDs all the time because that's freaking expensive. I  prefer torrenting my movies instead of streaming them for the simple reason that I am easily distracted when I stream them.

There are tons of reasons why it sucks to be a fan of Asian movies. First, even if you have the means to download or watch it online, it's still released months after it premiered in their home country. Second, when there's a DVD rip or a Blu-Ray rip already, you still have to wait for subs. I think it will be years before I can watch a Korean movie without subs. And I don't think I'll ever learn Nihonggo or Thai in this lifetime. So download it is. And waiting. Months of waiting.


GTH's latest offering is aptly titled to celebrate their 7th year in the industry. The movie stars actors and actresses that have played a part in the company's growth in the Thai film industry over the years. But my reasons for wanting to watch this movie is pretty shallow.

  1. Jirayu "Kao" La-ongmanee! *insert more exclamation marks here* I'll watch anything he's in!
  2. I just believe in GTH's ability to weave a heartfelt movie anthology. They proved it in Hormones but I am raising my expectations for Seven Something.
  3. I'm interested to see Nickhun's first venture into acting! And he's speaking in Thai here and not Korean and that's pretty interesting in my opinion. Hehe.
  4. This review pretty much cemented my resolve to watch this movie no matter what.
  5. It's a GTH film and that's enough reason for me. Thank you.
I wish Star Cinema would think of bringing this to the Philippines, too, like what they did with Chantavit Dhanasevi's ATM. PLEASE!


This movie is rapidly climbing its way on top of the highest-grossing South Korean films. You see, in Korea they gauge the success of the movie not on how much it earned but on the numbers of tickets sold. And I think that's a pretty good method!

  1. I haven't seen Jun JiHyun in a Korean film in such a long time. Her absence is much missed.
  2. I'm actually into this kind of stuff? I like action and heist films and I've watched all the Ocean's movies so I want to see Korea's take on this genre!
  3. It's start-studded!! Lee JungJae, Kim HyeSoo, Kim SooHyun, etc.
  4. I trust any movie that has Kim YunSeok in it.
That's it, I think.

I think in this bunch, this is the one I'm most excited to see? I'm not even sure why!


  1. CHA TAEHYUN. He's the guy to go to when you need a laugh. Look at the poster, it's enough to make me smile the entire day!
  2. Oh JiHo and his mane of glory.
  3. It's a heist film with a twist because it's set in the Joseon era! It's a sageuk film with a group of thieves who want to steal ice. Yeah, that's pretty interesting to me.
  4. For some weird reason, I'm becoming interested in sageuk productions that has a different element into it, and not just about history and stuff. It'll take time before I become fully invested in a historical sageuk.
I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this movie. I believe I have to wait a couple more months because it only premiered in Korea this month. /crying


OF COURSE. OF COURSE. Anyone who grew up watching the anime Samurai X dreamt of Kenshin (or Sanosuke, for my sister's case) as a plausible boyfriend. Well, I sure did. When I first heard of this movie, I died a little inside and screamed aloud outside. Haha.

  1. SATO TAKERU OMG. It was last year, I think, when I first saw this glorious boy in the drama Bloody Monday. A few months later, I learned that he's bringing to life one of my dream boys. The heavens are too good.
  2. Just thinking about it is enough to give me a heart attack. All these people that I only saw animated are transformed to life! I'm not a diehard fan, but I love Kenshin, okay. I am sometimes tempted to draw an 'X' on my boyfriend's face. I'm not even joking. I will, one of these days.
  3. Because I can't even think of one reason why I shouldn't be excited. Somebody ship me to Japan once they start showing this movie in cinemas. I'd love to watch it in a big screen. It's a bit hopeless but I'm keeping my hopes up that some organization (or maybe the Japanese embassy?) will bring this movie to my country.
  4. I'm not even afraid that they'd mess up the essence of the story. I'm not the littlest bit scared that they won't give justice to the anime and manga. I'm a tad too confident that this movie will be amazing.
Forget what I said about Gone With the Wind. I'm most excited to see the Rurouken movie.


Honestly, this is not on top of my list but I'm still pretty psyched to see this movie.

  1. It's Joo JiHoon's movie comeback after being released from the army. He's on a roll! I am really glad to see the guy back on his feet. Good thing Korea has the army for the actors to clean their image once they screw up.
  2. I think this will be my first time to see Joo JiHoon in a role that's not too serious! The stills looked so fun! He takes way too many serious roles.
  3. The premise seems pretty fun! I'm not that familiar with The Prince and the Pauper but I understand how this one goes. Also, it's once again set during Joseon Dynasty. Or is it Goryeo? I dunno.

So I am trying to increase my download ratio in Asiatorrents so once the torrents of these movies were released, I could download to my heart's content. I'll cross my fingers and toes and whatever I have to cross just so I could watch these movies as soon as possible.


  1. OMG kala ko si Eita yung sa last poster. O_O Haha. Di ko pa napapanood Bloody Monday :(

    1. Talaga? 'Yun 'yung bida sa Princess Hours / Goong. :) Panoorin mo na! Hehe medyo exciting ^^


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