Wednesday, 15 May 2013

[ENG SUBS] KBS's Cool Kiz on the Block

Title: Cool Kiz on the Block
Alternative title: Our Neighborhood's Masters
MCs: Kang HoDong, Shim ChangMin, Lee SuGeun

Let's start with a disclaimer: I DID NOT SUB THESE VIDEOS. :)

As much as I want to sub them, I do not know enough Korean. Haha. Anyway, here's a compilation of all the subbed episodes out there. I'm just hoping that they'll continue to sub this, or at least continue to upload the subbed one from KBSWorld.

So far so good! It's a lot more entertaining the now defunct Moonlight Prince, but then again, this is really more like a variety show than the other one. I'm happy that it's gaining good ratings every week! If you're looking for a new variety show to watch, give this a shot. :)

  • Episode 1: Part 1 | Part 2 (table tennis)
  • Episode 2: Full (table tennis)
  • Episode 3: Full (table tennis)
  • Episode 4: Full (table tennis)
  • Episode 5: Full (table tennis)
  • Episode 6: Full (bowling)
  • Episode 7: Full (bowling) The First Away Game: Cool Kiz vs Wolseon United
  • Episode 8: Full (bowling) Cool Kiz vs Wolseon United
  • Episode 9: Full (bowling) Hardcore training
  • Episode 10: Full (bowling) Cool Kiz vs Dolseon Heroes
  • Episode 11: Full (bowling) Cool Kiz vs Shinhwa
  • Episode 12: Full (bowling) The Second Away Game
  • Episode 13: Full (bowling) The Last Bowling Match
  • Episode 14: Full (badminton) Badminton School with 2PM
  • Episode 15: Full (badminton) First Badminton Match
  • Episode 16: Full (badminton) Practice
  • Episode 17: Full (badminton) Second Badminton Match
(Last update 08/17/13)

I'll update this once new subbed episode comes out.

Cool Kiz hwaiting! :)

I'm liking the chemistry of these three. :)


  1. thanks.... i've been looking ep12 all over the web....hope they can sub ep13&14 ASAP...

    1. I also wish they update faster but KBS only uploads every thursday! :(

    2. *I mean, Tuesday. Haha.


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