The site

Hey there! This is a project, no, more like an outlet of all my Asian feels. I started to blog about Asian movies on Tumblr but decided to move to a more operational blog that will also include other fields of Asian pop culture such as dramas and Asian pop.

As I've said, this isn't a review blog. It's merely a place for me to rant on how a movie or a drama or a certain Asian sensation made me feel. Please don't expect any rational content. I can be pretty emotional especially when it comes to good-looking boys.

The blogger

I go by many names but Jane will do. I've been blogging since I was 13 but it was only last year when I decided that my personal blog probably has to see less of my ramblings about my oppas. I'm mostly interested in Korean pop culture but I wouldn't say no to investing time and emotion to other Asian stuff.

Expect to see a lot of DBSK (especially ChangMin) because I've been a fan since I was 13. They're basically the one that got me into this whole blogging thing. CNBLUE is my second bias. I'm a proud fan of We Got Married's YongSeo couple. My goguma heart is always on the look out for proofs that they're really together. Other Asian loves of mine are Zaizai Zhou YuMin, Lee MinHo, Bang SungJoon, Oguri Shun and Kao Laongmanee.

Though I try to vary the movies I watch from different Asian countries, my heart always seeks for Korean movies for the very simple reason that it's my first love.  GTH movies are also steadily but surely carving its way inside my favorite list. Well, I don't have a favorite Asian movie but there are tons that made my heart hurt for all the right reasons. I will try to make a separate page of all the movies I love.

My favorite Asian drama is Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. I watch tons of Korean drams and a bit of J-dramas. I haven't seen a Taiwanese drama in about three years. From time to time, I also watch anime. Kimi ni Todoke is my favorite. I'm currently catching up on all the manga and anime I haven't watched. Recently, One Piece, Horimiya and Kuroko no Basket are my favorites.

Other irrelevant facts about me: I'm 23. A girl. Filipina. A professional spammer. Too small to function. Possibly has ADHD. A cheapskate. Sometimes a bookworm, sometimes a glutton.

Want to tell me anything or everything? E-mail me at


  1. Oh God, I'm so glad that I discovered your blog. Finally I have a good source to find Asian movies, love that you're writing such extensive reviews!
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. Oh anon, your comment makes me really happy. I hope you introduced yourself so I can call you by name. ^^ Thank you so much!
    Much love from the Philippines <3


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