Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Cutie: Bang Sung Joon (방성준)

Sung Joon (방성준)
Real Name: Bang SungJoon
DOB: July 10, 1990
Height: 187cm
Known for: Shut Up Flower Boyband
& Can We Get Married?

For my first Monday Cutie, I dedicate it to my favorite South Korean actor Sung Joon! He's known for his lead role in the TvN drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. But these days, he's more known as that guy Suzy is rumored to be dating. I swear I'm not bitter. Well, guess what! He's not just that guy. He's Bang Freaking SungJoon and he has me wholly captivated since the first episode of SUFBB. Hee. In a way, he'll always be JiHyuk to me.

It's silly how I immediately liked him so so so much in the first drama that I saw him in. He came and knocked down my already established list of favorite Korean actors. He now reigns supreme in my heart, and the second is actually very far from toppling him over. Anyway.

In my biased opinion, he's an undervalued actor having been given the role of Gon in the recent Gu Family Book. He has proven himself capable as an actor not just in SUFBB but also in White Christmas where he plays the genius ChiHoon. I have yet to watch his movies because I can't find a freaking copy!!!!!!

I can't pinpoint what I exactly like about SungJoon, but one thing's for sure: I am physically attracted. He doesn't look like the typical Korean superstar. He doesn't have a long, straight nose and perfect teeth. He's not muscular neither is he pale white. His skin doesn't look like a baby's, and that makes me even more attracted to this gorgeous boy. He actually looks very normal, but he has this charm. You know what I mean?

Look, he can pull off a hideous perm! He actually looks very good in it. I think his experience as a model gives him an edge. He can wear anything and sport any hairstyle and own it! I think I should have just written a top ten list of why I like him?? I don't know. Anyway, I prepared a pic spam for you guys  because he's lovely. It's under the cut because wow so many.

I'm not sure what that pictorial's for, but anyone who can look that good
in just jeans and shirt is out to get my heart. (source)

I can't find a bigger version of this one i cry (source)

Usually don't like smokers but you'll always be an exception heehee (source)

Probably a shoot during his early modeling days.
I love how he contorts his body to get the perfect shot.
More photos from this shoot here.

These two photos from Elle came out right after SUFBB!
He cleans up realllllly nice. (source)

He happens to be in tons of shoots with Kim YoungKwang.
They're both in White Christmas and Can We Get Married?
This one's really cute. (source)

He's with Jo Boa in this shoot! Jo Boa plays his leading lady in SUFBB.
I love them together! See more of this shoot here. One of my favorites~

Another one from Ceci! Served as my wallpaper for months haha. (source)

Another shoot with Kim Young Kwang, this time for Cosmopolitan!
I love this. You can check it out here.
SungJoon in Geek! (source)

His recent spread in Bazaar is definitely my favorite!!!
The one where he's in bed is okay (lol), but I prefer the one in the bathtub!
SungJoon making stupid faces is my favorite. Heehee.

If you're following him on Twitter, you know that he takes a lot of selcas where he's just being grumpy. Hahahaha. It's definitely my favorite(s)! (please don't count how many times I used favorite in this post thanks)

I picked some of my favorite selcas of him!

Stupid Sung Joon, saranghe. Seriously, though. He's so perfect, what's not to love?

So that's it! I do hope you'll get infected with my love for this dork. (。♥‿♥。)


  1. I love Sung Joon! I first saw him in Lie To Me and I really liked him there. He was both cute and hot at the same time and I really wanted them to add more scenes with him in them. Then I saw him in SUFBB, and ohmyGod I fell in love! He was so amazing in it! And I have no idea how he looked so good with such weird hair! As you said, he really did look good in that hideous perm.

    Love the pictures! That bath tub one is soo cute! <3 Awesome post! I can't wait to read the next one! :D I wonder which cutie you'll choose next ;)

    1. I haven't watched Lie to Me yet, because all I hear are bad reviews. But I want to watch it just for him :) I so love him in SUFBB!!!!! And yes, he's amazing in it. I wish him more roles like it.

      Yay, thank you! I'm already thinking of who I should pick next for Monday Cutie ^^


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