Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tohoshinki's Tone Tour

I finally got to watch Tohoshinki's Tone concert last night! I first saw snippets of it during one of CassPH's gatherings, and I'd been wanting to watch the entire thing. I'm a happy banana and I want to watch it again and again and again! I've been listening to their Toho songs all day, actually.

There are many words to describe YunHo and ChangMin and one of them is earnest. You can see it in every dance, feel it in every song they sing. You can sense how earnest they are every time they step onstage. With every punch in the air and every note belt out. It's a delight to watch the two because you know how much they enjoy what they do. It's just amazing to see them achieve so much, and still appreciate all the good things, no matter how little, happening to them. Their performances are always heartfelt.

I still get a bit emotional everytime they sing an old song, any song that's originally sung by 5. But I accept it now. I now accept that Tohoshinki are YunHo and ChangMin. DBSK are YunHo and ChangMin. It's okay, I love them still. Maybe even more.

I love the new Tohoshinki and I love their new songs. Frankly, I love how we see so much growth from them. They show more range in singing now. Because it's just two of them who have to fill up the stage, they learn to compensate. Singing Rising Sun with just two people is no joke, okay! My sister wonders how I manage to stay as a big fan from the start till now. I don't know, too. But I'm glad I do.

My chances of watching a Tohoshinki concert in Japan is close to zero, and that's okay. I can settle with just watching them on my laptop screen. Or a smart TV if I'd ever get rich enough. I can just always buy the concert DVD that I'm still quite far from finished collecting. But I'll get there, I'll make sure of that. I just can't wait to get my hands on the Time Tour DVD!

I have a lot of feelings when it comes to talking about these two. I get a bit sad when I realize that I only have one friend who actually gets what I'm talking about. Though I've been in this fandom for almost ten years (I grew up with them!), I didn't really make lasting online friendships with other fans. So basically, I'd love to have more online (and real life!) Cassie friends! Hehe.

/le sigh

I love these two so much I don't know how to end this post without sounding too sappy. So I'll just end it here because it gets a tad dramatic. Good night folks. :)


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