Tuesday, 7 May 2013

GTH's Amazing 2013

2013 is an amazing year for GTH fans (e.g. me). If you must know, GTH or GMM Tai Hub is a film studio in Thailand. It produced ALL of my favorite Thai movies. And when I say all, I mean ALL OF MY FAVORITES. So when I saw this promotional video, I flipped. And to think that I first watched it without subtitles.

Basically, there are three important projects this year.

HORMONES (The series)

I liked the movie, and I want to see how they'll adapt the concept on screen. I know they'll be following different storylines but I think it's interesting! And I'm amazed how they're taking such a liberal concept on the small screen. In a teen show at that, too. In my country, that'll be censored. Haha.

And like what I said in my review of the Hormones movie, it's refreshing to see so many teen-oriented movies from Thailand! They seem to have many actors and actresses in their teens who are given appropriate roles for their age. It's nice to see teens taking on roles that fit their age. It's quite hard to explain but it's just rare in my country to have teens in the same age range as the ones in the series and the movie to take on roles in which they act their age and not as 20-something's.

Sad news: I probably won't be able to see this. I don't know where I can watch subbed lakorns! :(


I am most excited for this one! Though I'm not as hooked as I was before with Thai movies, I'm still in love with them, okay!

So they'll be making side stories for 8 movies listed below in no particular order:
  1. Suck Seed (KILL ME NOW!!!!)
  2. Phobia
  3. Phobia 2
  4. Bedside Detective
  5. Little Comedian
  6. Bangkok Traffic Love Story
  7. Ladda Land
  8. Dear Galileo

I confess that there was a time that Suck Seed was my world, and my world pretty much revolved around it and Kao Laongmanee. Though the side story will focus on Khung and Kae, I don't mind. I just love this movie so much and yes, I'm biased.

I haven't watched Phobia 1 & 2, Bedside Detective, and Little Comedian, so I should probably start downloading them now. Heh. Anyway, I hope someone would sub this! I'm crossing my fingers and toes! PLEASE THAI MOVIE FAIRIES!!!!!

Sad news: No Hello Stranger? :( But that's like the best Thai movie ever!!! And that's the one in most need of a side story, because don't you remember the ending? </3


Hello, first Thai movie that I actually watched in the theaters! :D Though it's not my favorite GTH film,  I think they have some nice plans for the sequel! They'll be tackling their life after marriage and that'll be exciting because they made quite a racket in the first film. Heh. Also, I'll watch anything with Chantavit Dhanasevi in it.

Sad news: Weird though how I'm not that excited? Well, I want to see the gang again!


And that is all! I'm thinking of making a list of my favorite GTH films. I'm not good at making lists but for this one, I think I can do it. :)


  1. Hello Blogger. Is it really true that they are making a sequel of Suck Seed and Bangkok Traffic Love Story ? Where did you get your source? I'm just dying with excitement now.. thanks :)

    1. Hi! It's from the video I posted above. It's released by GTH on their Youtube channel (, and I'm pretty sure it's legit. :)

  2. i cant wait for Bangkok love story + SuckSeed + dear galileo sidestory!! i love these three movies... hahahahhahaha... n i like peach very2 much, his character in suckseed was really2 funny!! ^^.. so im looking forward for these three.. hope sai fon will sub it.. but i dun want to push her..



    ATM ER RAK ERROR 2!!!!

    ATM is my favorite thai movie i ever watched in my life. i watch it at least once a week.. ^^ i want to see this in theatre but malaysia usually dont bring thai movie in (except for horror movie like pee mak (comedy horror) and Kao new movie) plus this is the sequel, i dunno if i can watch it in theatre.. huhuhu..

    anyway.. im looking forward for these project.. GTH THE BEST!!

    ps: too bad, hello stranger and countdown are not listed.. huhu... i thought i saw toey in the video (hurmm... maybe for dear galileo)

    1. You're really lucky because it's Peach's character in Suckseed that will get a side story! My favorite character is Ped and I'm still incredibly sad that he won't be getting a side story. Waaaah but I'm mostly depressed about Hello Stranger. That needs a side story!

      Ooooh, I got to watch ATM Er Rak Error in the theatre since it was shown here in the country. And I watched Pee Mak this week, too! I guess we're still a bit lucky when it comes to Thai films? But you're right. I cannot wait for ATM's sequel! :)

  3. Hi Jane! Do you have subs for the side stories you mentioned? Im a big fan of GTH too! :) Thanks!

  4. Hi! Do you have links of eng subs of the movies you mentioned? Im a big GTH fan too! :)

    1. Hi! Do you mean the movies and not just the side stories? I got my eng subs from but I think most of the eng subs are also available in now. :)

    2. Yes! Thanks for the link. By any chance, is there a chance na you got to watch the side stories online? Ive been waiting for Dear Galileo and BTS side stories hehe! Thanks!

    3. Im into lakorns too, to extend my range of Thai TV knowledge. Enjoy the link! - links with Eng Subs

  5. hey there! do you have links of ATM 2 series?

  6. Hello!!! finally i found someone who loves GTH's movie production! <3
    After I watched Hormones the series, i really love Thailand!!
    first, i just watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love that make cries a lot! *lol
    then, recently i watched Hormones the series
    they were amazing T^T really cute, handsome, charming, etc lol
    and finally i really fall in love with Toptapp! hahaha XDD

    what's your favourite movie or drama from GTH?! ^^

    I thought they were the best movie production that i've ever knew^^
    First time I watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love it's really touching and really made me CRIES A LOT! T^T

    Then I recently try to watch Hormones The Series, and all the cast were AMAZING!

  8. link for eng sub of ATM 2 please. Thankyou


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