Monday, 13 August 2012

Korean Dramas Premiering This August

I think I might go crazy this month.

I'm looking forward to three Korean dramas this month and it's safe to say that I can't contain my excitement. Actually, I have different levels of excitement and different reasons why I want to watch each drama. Good thing the dramas I'm watching these days are ending and one has already ended. I have the tendency to panic when I have so many things I want to watch and so little time to do it!



Number one reason why I want to watch Faith:

It stars Lee MinHo, that's enough reason to watch this! Come on, look at that smile, wouldn't you be lured in, too? Heh.

Faith is set in something-something period (Goryeo Period, I think) but with a twist because there will be magic and powerful enemies and time travel.  Okay, the time travel aspect isn't exactly new since it's been utilized and used as focus by three Korean drams this year: Rooftop Price, Time Slip Dr. Jin,  and Queen InHyun's Man. Though the fact that time travel will play a huge role on Faith, it's actually one of the reasons why I'll tune in. I can't wait for them to bring something new to the genre. And I mean, it's Lee MinHo! I'm pretty sure he'll kickass as the King's loyal bodyguard. And his character description says he's not afraid of dying and his hobby is sleeping! Who wouldn't love a man like that?

But seriously, though. I think it will be my next favorite because it has a mix of action, comedy, fantasy, and some period stuff. I'm pretty sure it will be amazing! Also, Lee MinHo is rocking that hair! I just missed him, okay. City Hunter was my favorite series last year and it took him soooo long to go back to the small screen. I'm glad that he's back with a series that I have 80% chance of loving.

Oh, and uhm, I forgot to mention that Lee MinHo stars opposite Kim HeeSun, who plays a dermatologist. She's abducted by Lee MinHo's character and brings her back to the past. Pretty exciting stuff. Haha.

Wathc Faith's Official Teaser 4:

Faith premieres tonight on SBS and airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Sources: + Soompi



Shin MinAh is back, and this time, as a ghost. She plays Arang, a popular ghost in Korean mythology. She's brutally murdered and wakes up as a ghost with no memories of who she was and who murdered her. She ends up haunting every magistrate in town, urging them to investigate on her murder. Lee JunKi, of course, plays the magistrate. He can see ghosts but try hard to ignore them.

I'm the biggest fan of Shin MinAh and at this point, I'd probably watch anything she's in. She can turn on the cute one minute then be all badass and fierce the next. Have you seen My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?! She sure knows how to work on her charm. I feel like she'll be offered tons of mythical roles because it just suits her so well. I haven't even seen Arang and the Magistrate and I can already tell! As for Lee JunKi, I'm not the biggest fan. I know, right? What the heck is wrong with me! But I think he's a pretty good actor. He proves that in the movie The King and the Clown. I just think that he's too pretty sometimes that's why I'm glad that he took on a period drama for his comeback project. I think it's a pretty good career movie. He just got out of the army period dramas seem to be the "in" thing now.

I have high hopes for this because obviously! Have you seen the trailer? Have you seen the other characters? Have you seen the antagonists? Well, you should because that will probably convince you to watch it, too.

MBC's Arang and the Magistrate starts on August 15 and will be aired every Wednesday and Thursday.



If Japan and Taiwan already have an adaptation, then South Korea should follow, right? Right.

Here's South Korea's take on Hana Kimi, but with a different title. To the Beautiful You stars Choi MinHo (Shinee) and Sulli (F(x)) in their first lead roles. I think this is actually MinHo's first acting role! Or not, I'm not very updated with Shinee stuff. Also, a bunch of other SME artists are in this adaptation so expect tons of fangirls watching and probably a lot of awkward dialogues and hovering in the background. I'm pretty excited.

I'm not sure how I feel about this drama. I a big fan of the Japanese Hana Kimi that's why I didn't watch the Taiwanese version. Does that make sense? Well, I don't really like that they cast not-so-experienced actors for this show.  Well, it has a pretty strong supporting cast but let's be real, it'll the lead role who'd be carrying the weight of the show.

The truth is, I have tons of reasons why I want to watch this show:
  • It's a high school drama! Who doesn't like high school dramas? A lot of people, actually.
  • MinHo's the only one I like in Shinee.
  • Sulli actually looks good as a boy. Wow.
  • Exo!
  • Chanyeol
  • Chanyeol
  • Chanyeol
Starting on August 15, To the Beautiful You airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.

Sources: Dramabeans + Couch Kimchi + Exochocolate


The fact that these three dramas premiere this week is enough to disorient me. I don't know how I'd watch it all! But for the love of Korean dramas, I will manage.


  1. Nung una natutuwa ako sa mga babaeng nagpapanggap na lalaki eh (Hana Kimi, Coffee Prince, You're Beautiful, etc.) pero pagtapos ng napakaraming gantong dramas at pati remakes, nagsawa ako T_T

    At nalulungkot ako na hindi ako mahilig sa period drama pero yun daw ang magaganda talaga. Oh well. Pang-Dream High lang ang keri ko . Hehe.

    1. You're Beautiful 'yung last ko napanood! ewan ko nga kung magugustuhan ko 'to pero parang may potential? IDK. Ita-try ko pa rin! Haha.

      2 period dramas palang napapanood ko ng buo at yung isa lang ang nagustuhan ko haha. Di ko pa na-try yung dibdibang period dramas kasi pa-tweetums pa rin 'yung napanood ko. Haha. :)

    2. Hindi ko rin pala type si Lee JunKi. Wala lang. Masyadong pretty na ewan. Haha.

      Aaaah gustong-gusto ko itry yung The Moon that Embraces the Sun ba yun? Kaso... tsk. Haha. Yung Shut Up Flower Boy Band mukhang cute :))/unrelated

    3. Oo! Lalo na sa My Girl, parang masyado s'yang maganda kaya di ko s'ya maseryoso. Haha.

      Yan yung kay Kim SooHyun, noh? Ang ganda nga ng reviews d'yan pero parang di ko pa kayang manood ng hardcore na sageuk (period drama) haha. Maganda ang Shut Up Flower Boy Band!!!! OMG. Medyo seryoso pero maganda talaga! ^^

    4. Hahanap ako ng DVD! Hehehe. Thanks! :D Mukhang pretty boys pa yung andun lol.

      Unrelated pero pag nag-comment ka ba sa ibang blog nanonotify pag nagreply sila sayo? Gaya nung sa wordpress?

    5. Sana may DVD! Medyo obscure kasi 'yung SUFBB, sa cable channel lang kasi eh, kaya konti lang din nakanood. :(

      Naku, di ko alam kasi wala ako masyadong fina-follow sa Blogger. Haha. Pero sabi nung friend ko, pwede raw pero optional.


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