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Sirius (2013)

Title: Sirius (2013)
Network: KBS2
Format: Drama special
Cast: Seo JunYoung, Ryu SeungSoo, Park HyungSik

When other people rejoice every time a series is extended, I sit back and lament. I actually prefer short dramas and Sirius is a good example why. If it would have been longer, the drama probably wouldn't have maintained the suspenseful flow of narrative.

Do Shin-Woo (Seo JunYoung) is a straight-laced head of a police force unit. His team claims that he's obsessed with drug trafficking cases, but what they do not know is his past about his deceased mother and ex-convict brother, Do Eun-Chang (Seo JunYoung). Back in high school, Eun-Chang pretended to be Shin-Woo in order to threaten the students bullying his brother. The situation takes a turn for the worst when the bully dies accidentally, and everyone is suddenly blaming Eun-Chang leading to his imprisonment. Their mother consistently blames Shin-Woo for what happened, making him hate his convicted brother.

I probably didn't do the drama justice by that lame synopsis, but let me just tell you that this is a good family drama.  It only has four episodes, but those four episodes won't leave you hanging. In fact, the drama manages to utilize the few episodes to make it as exciting as possible. Any longer it would have probably lost its sizzle. It has a pretty engaging plot since you'll see the twins' lives transform simply due to a little incident back in high school.  The relationship between the two is already estranged, but the incident puts more strain in the relationship. A relationship that will never be mended it seems. 

At times it's more of a cop drama, but the relationship between two brothers take center stage. Seo JunYoung amazingly juggles two roles. He manages to breathe life in the characters of ShinWoo and EunChang, and the way he carries off the roles won't make you confused. I am just blown away by his acting, you know. He's playing two characters and he actually makes you feel like you're watching two actors and not just one playing two characters. It's amazing! Park Hyung-Shik, the one who plays the younger Shin-Woo and Eun-Chang is pretty convincing, too.

I have quite a few qualms in this series, though. First, I don't understand why cops don't carry guns with them. But since that probably has something to do with the laws in their country, I won't even comment how it made so many scenes baffling. My second problem is how Shin-Woo treats Eun-Chang! I know that's the way it's supposed to go, but it's frustrating how Eun-Chang is treated. Like, what did he do so wrong?!?! But that's just me being emotional.

The story manages to be compelling from start to end. They effectively link the past of the twins to the present. The director employs really good story-telling, but it's really Seo Jun-Young who makes this drama memorable.

Overall, this is a series I really enjoyed. With just 4 episodes, it really made sure that every minute will be worth it. It sure it didn't waste a single second on irrelevant stuff. I'm looking forward for other drama specials. If it's as well-produced and well-acted as Sirius, then I'm in.

All photo credits go to Hancinema.

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