Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tidbits: Reply 1994, Lupin III, CNBLUE in Manila

So the leads for Reply 1994 is finally cast and I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. Go Ara (Heading to the Ground) and Yoo Yeon-Seok (Gu Family Book, A Werewolf Boy) headline the sequel (or is it a prequel) to the 2012 drama hit Reply 1997.

The drama will be set on 1994 and will focus on basketball! I'm not exactly sure why it has to be called the second installment of the franchise because there's no recurring theme. Sure, it'll be set in the past, but it's just weird for me that it won't be involving idols this time? I'll still watch it, though!

I have a few qualms about the leads, however. Go Ara is one of the prettiest actresses for me. Heck, I used her photos as profile pictures in Friendster back in high school. Haha! But as an actress, she has yet to pull at the heartstrings. I couldn't stay long enough in Heading to the Ground, you see, but people are saying she's fairly decent. I guess I can keep my hopes up! Yoo Yeon-seok on the other hand seems to have the most diverse roles. He's annoying in A Werewolf Boy and partly disturbing in Gu Family Book so I guess he's effective as an actor.

I'm hoping the best for this drama because I really loved Repply 1997. As far as tvN production goes, I think we can expect a good production.


Oguri Shun is cast for the titular role in the movie Lupin III! I don't know true this is but Anime News Network seems reliable enough. Hee. I didn't get to faithfully watch Lupin III as a kid, but I'm at least familiar with it. So to know that there'll be a live-action movie of the anime is pretty exciting! And it's Oguri Shun to boot! It's amazing how seems to be bagging the roles of iconic anime characters. Congrats to him, I guess. :)

Sakurai Sho and Tsumabuki Satoshi will also be in the movie. Ugh, these three guys in one movie I just caaaaaaan't. So who's excited? !

However,  there's still no confirmation on who'll play Fujiko. Well, I have high expectation because Fujiko seems to be a very captivating and sexy woman. Haha.

March, can't you come any faster?


The long wait is over. Blue Moon in Manila concluded last week and Filipino Boices are beyond ecstatic! :)

I can't find a good copy of news videos online about CNBLUE's visit to the Philippines so I guess this one from 24 Oras will do. Besides, you can see YongHwa dancing on national TV there. Hahahaha. Also, you can see me at the aiport chasing the boys, good thing the video's REALLY blurry. Bahaha.

I have yet to blog about the concert but I already blogged a very detailed account of the stalking I did here.

No biases aside, I though it was a pretty good concert, and I wouldn't be suprised if the boys would come to the country for another concert, hopefully next year. Let the savings begin! 

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