Thursday, 26 December 2013

10 Amazing Years With 동방신기

I've been thinking how I should start and write this blog post. How can I possibly compress in one single entry all the memories of the past ten years? Be it a trial or an achievement, everything that happened makes up for TVXQ and where they stand in the KPOP world.

The boys and the fans have went through some crazy shit. Heck, we've been dubbed as the craziest and most obsessive fandom. The group has some of the wildest (glue poisoning from anti-fans! sasaengs!) and biggest controversies (breakup! hiatus!) in the industry. But it has been ten years since they made their debut, and we're still going strong. And frankly, we have more extremely high moments than lows. There's no stopping TVXQ, and there's no stopping us, fans, from supporting them and seeing them through.

I was excited and nervous for today because it's not just TVXQ's 10th year anniversary, but it also reminds me how I've been a fan for a decade. So excuse me if this post gets a little emotional, because there's no holding back in the emotion when it comes to my boys. I wept a little last night while spamming on Twitter, because it's overwhelming to look back at the roller coaster-like 10 years of my life with them. I'm no longer as obsessive as my 14-year-old self but I still love them with all my heart. I no longer save every picture, vote in every poll, panic at every controversy, and get butt hurt for every criticism thrown at them. But I can still be pretty rabid when it comes to them. I can get overly emotional at times.

It all started with Hug, of course. Wearing cute high uniforms and being obviously nervous, they started their careers as artists who aren't just pure visuals but exuding with talent as well. They started the new era of idol groups that continue to grow even now.

JaeJoong, YooChun, and JunSu may be performing under a different group name now, but it's still the anniversary of their debut. I've always been confused where I stand in this whole debacle, but I can't deny my love for these three after all these years. They're still JYJ from 東方神起 for me. I am an OT5 in the sense that I love the 5, even though I've long accepted that only two people perform under the name of DBSK now. The magic they created with their music is undeniable. Their ballad, a capellas, and SMPs are what made me the fangirl that I am right now. I can't settle for any less.

No words can express how thankful I am. I was just a kid when I first met them, and I'm now a working adult. I grew up with them, and I can't imagine them occupying a smaller space in my heart. Or even imagine any other group replacing them. A part of who I am as a person, and not just as a fan, was greatly influenced of all the life lessons I acquired from being a TVXQ fan. Because I don't just learn from them as artists, but also as individuals with really amazing virtues.

They were the ones who got me through high school, when I wanted to quit school and when no one believed in my passion (writing!). They were the ones who cheered me up in college when I was stressed from all the schoolwork. They are the ones who give me strength when I'm tired of working. They're the constant reminder that hard work pays off. And everytime they mention Cassiopeia, I have this delusion that they're directly talking  to me. I know that when they say Cassiopeia, they mean each and every fan.
"We still have parts that are lacking but when we see Cassiopeia and others who love us, cheer for us we gain a lot of strength."

- ChangMin (October 14, 2006)
But today, I specially thank YunHo and ChangMin for continuing the name of TVXQ. When they made their comeback as a duo, they gave Cassies everywhere so much hope. They had bigger shoes to fill and a bigger space to occupy. They carried so much weight in their shoulders, but they carried it so well for us. Thank you for making me so proud everytime you stand on stage.

CassPH said it well. YH and CM made TVXQ our home, where fans and JYJ alike can come back anytime. I'm actually one of the returning fans. (I came back when they came back.) It was only made possible because YH and CM made the decision to stay and to come back as the kings. They had so much to prove, and they also proved every criticism wrong. So thank you. Thank you for being our rock in this sometimes displeasing and chaotic fandom.

Cassiopeia is still a mess, but today, we all stand together to celebrate a milestone. We have reached ten years, and I have no reason to doubt that we can reach a decade or so more. You're only starting, and for the next few years, I believe that you guys will continue to grow as artists and masters of your craft. You may branch out in acting and variety, and rest assured Cassiopeia will be 100% behind you.

Cassiopeia, like for the past ten years, will travel this road with you. Just like how you've been protecting us and making us happy for the past decade, we will stay by your side, through all ups and downs. If the past ten years isn't enough proof that we can, then I don't know what is.

Thank you, 동방신기.

From the bottom of my fangirl heart, 사랑해요~ ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

YunHo and ChangMin are TVXQ. 





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