Monday, 6 January 2014

Monday Cutie: Yoo YeonSeok (유연석)

Yoo YeonSeok (유연석)
DOB: April 11, 1984
Known forOld Boy, Gu Family Book
Wolf Boy, Answer Me 1994

For such a kind face, it's weird how Yoo YeonSeok seemed to attract antagonistic roles. From playing the young Yoo JiTae in Old Boy, to the annoying fiance in Wolf Boy, and even the godforsaken sunbae in Architecture 101, Yoo YeonSeok seemed to be cursed with roles that's begging for hate mails.

Then 2013 happened, and Yoo YeonSeok skyrocketed to fame with his role as Chilbong in Answer Me 1994. He stole the hearts of females everywhere (those that aren't stolen by Trash Oppa, anyway). He's no longer the character you hate. He's now the character that your heart hurts for. He's probably my number one favorite character this year, because he made an impossibly perfect character realistic and lovable. I usually don't like golden boys, but his portrayal of Chilbong made my heart ache and smile for all the good reasons.

I finished Answer Me 1994 earlier last week, and from start to finish I was rooting for him. Before Answer Me 1994, he didn't really stand out for me. Besides, he's too pale for my usual preference lol. But after Chilbong happened, wow, he deserves a spot on my Monday Cutie! As you probably know by now, I only write about actors/stars I passionately like. I've only liked Yoo YeonSeok for a couple of months, but he's such a versatile actor that I just ended up loving him to death.

The girl's lucky she didn't show her face. SERIOUSLY .\_/.
Yoo YeonSeok for Elle.

When I'm in need of good photos,
High Cut always provides. <3

Cutie! For Save the Polar Bears :)

I'm not sure why I think of this photo
when I think of him. LOL.

This NYLON photoshoot is perfect.

This hair works really well for him, too. :D

For the Free Hugs event, I think.

Yoo YeonSeok has about three movies lined up for this year. He's no doubt the hottest actor from 2013, and the stars are still shining brightly for him this year. I can only wish him the best of course. He's insatiably cute when he said that he wants to improve his rather negative image. He sure did with his role in Answer Me!

He'll always be Chilbong for me. But with his talent as an actor, I'm pretty sure he can convince me with any role he'll take on in the future. 

Chilbongie (✿ ♥‿♥)


  1. Yay!! nagawa mo na!!I love it as in!!:)). Chilbong me all the way!

    1. Hahahaha of course baby priority ko 'to lolol. Medyo biased ka rin! Hahaha :)


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