Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday Cutie: Lee MinHo (이민호)

Lee MinHo (이민호)
DOB: June 22, 1987
Known for: Boys Over Flowers,
City Hunter, Heirs

I thought long and hard before considering Lee MinHo for my Monday Cutie. Not because he's not cute (because he definitely is!), but because there are a million good photos of him out there. How in the world can I just pick 15-20 pics?!?

Lee MinHo is THE Asian superstar. He's the actor that has become a household name in Asian countries. My mother who can't remember names of actors knows his name. That's enough proof for me that Lee MinHo is indeed popular. Haha. He only appears in one drama every year, then spends the remaining months going from one country to another having photoshoots, fan events, and fan signings. He spends a great deal of time signing endorsement deals, too. Well, if I have a product to promote, I think his face is the perfect one to print on the packaging. Ehehe. But one drama a year is NOT. ENOUGH.

I had a hard time accepting he's plastic, but I have learned to accept him for who he is. I mean, his before photos aren't so bad either! And it's his smile and his eyes that I love the most. Those are definitely NOT fake.  I still love him to bits!

It's in Boys Over Flowers that I first saw him, and that's when I first declared him as the most good-looking Korean actor ever! I think it's the same for most Lee MinHo fans. But it's actually in City Hunter that I declared him to be my BIAAAAAAS (until SungJoon pushed him aside, that is). But I still love Lee MinHo. I mean, I could not have possibly finished Heirs if it wasn't for him! That drama's a train wreck but Lee MinHo is freakin' hot in every scene.

Here's my attempt to compress his handsomeness (is that a word? no? well, it is now!) in one single post.

During his baby days hihi

He doesn't seem to have an awkward stage.
I mean, for most actors, you see old photos
and die from awkwardness.
With him, you die from cuteness!

Bagong rebond look lol

Less eyeliner please, oppa! (x)

I can never decide which hairtyle I prefer on him. :(
It's a problem I share with my sister ;____;

Grocery shopping never looked this good. (x)

BABY! (x)


I still think City Hunter is his best era.

SEEEE! (x)

I pray for a rugged, bad boy role for this man. :(
I love grunge. Hihi (x)

대장! ❤ (x)

One of my fave photos from Faith!
Daejang!!! (x)

Kim Tan! You're the only good thing about Heirs. :( (x)

Lee MinHo for Bench! (x)
Not that I'm bragging, but I already see him in person.


I was so worried that my love for Lee MinHo will disappear because of the mess that is Heirs. But wow, the drama just proved that I'll watch anything with him on it. Besides, I love him as Kim Tan!

I'm excited for his upcoming movie even though the filming hasn't started yet. Hee. I'm pretty sure that Lee MinHo is here to stay, because his charisma won't let him get nowhere. 


Okay, some people (I mean Kimpee and Jinky)  complained about the lack of Heirs (a.k.a. topless surfer Lee MinHo). Hahahaha so here it is!



  1. This will count as lunch, dinner and breakfast for tomorrow :3

  2. Aaahhh!! I'm dying from all these cute photos!! And OHMYGOD I cannot believe you met him!! Lucky girl!!!
    I first saw him in Boys Over Flowers but fell in love with him in Personal Taste <3 I didn't like him much in Heirs but that was more the character's fault than his own. I have yet to watch City Hunter and Faith.
    Thanks for the handsome post ;P

    1. Oh, and how even your mother remembers LMH's name, it's the same with my mom! Even my friends, who have no interest nor know anything about Korean entertainment, know Lee Min Ho's name!

    2. I still cannot believe I met him, actually! Hahaha it still feels like a dream! :)))
      Yes, he's probably the most popular Korean among those who doesn't follow KPOP or Kdramas. :)
      You're very welcome. I had fun making this post!

      Ktnxbye. ^^


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