Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Heirs Starts Tonight!!!

Why, hello to this 14-minute trailer of Heirs that starts tonight! I didn't watch it entirely because it already felt like the entire episode! I'm not a fan of spoilers. But do watch it if you want, I saw a topless Lee Minho at around 3:15. Heehee.

First impressions first (ignore the redundancy!):
  • I expected a more boisterous Heirs, when it comes to tone and music anyway. Kim Eun-Sook, the writer, is also the one behind Secret Garden and A Gentleman's Dignity. If you've watched either, then you know the writer seems to like obnoxious male lead. Lee MinHo in Heirs seems to be different, which I like! I like bad boys in dramas, but I like softies, too.
  • Apparently, many people don't like Park ShinHye when she's crying, but I don't mind. I love how her character isn't squeaky clean like many female characters. She's not that much of a Candy, too!
That's it. I didn't watch further to see the other second leads. Haha.

It's not just Lee MinHo, though. I just watched episode 166 of Running man, and Choi JinHyuk is so kyot! I didn't expect it?! But seriously, he's so cute in the episode, it'll be hard for me to see him as the evil older brother. Ahuhuhu. Also, Woo Bin, saranghe~

I know that many people are getting turned off by the tons of teasers coming out every day. But I'm not, obviously.

So yeah, that's it! I'm excited! I hope the number of exclamation points is enough to prove how excited I am!!!!!!

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