Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sosy Problems (2012)

Hours after seeing the movie, I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around what it's about. I think it tries to be too many things at once when it's just really a parody about a group of rich girls who has nothing to do but talk about clothes and ~the spa~ and being rich.

Sosy Problems focus on the lives of four rich girls: Lizzie (Rhian Ramos), Danielle (Bianca King), Claudia (Heart Evangelista) and Margaux (Solen Heussaff). One thing they have in common is that they're all rich and as the narrator describes at the start of the movie, they are rich in a way that they can buy anything and everything they want. And that's my definition of being rich, too. The movie tries to probe into the lives of the sosy, and it even starts with the premise of having a documentary filmed about them. But in the middle of the movie, the story seems to stray someplace else and the documentary is forgotten.

And they should just probably stick with that storyline.

Instead, each girl is presented with a problem that will challenge their friendship and character, which is supposed to be good, but the delivery just fails. The movie's strong when they put the girls in silly situations and just show how the rich could possibly react to the situation at hand. But the direction the movie went seems to desperately give depth to the rather shallow story. It's good when the movie knows it's just truly a parody about being sosy, but it just doesn't cut it when it tries to be dramatic.

And I'm not sure if I'm making any sense?

Anyway, the point is, I enjoyed the movie for what it is. And the only reason I enjoyed it is because I didn't have high expectations and didn't try to find sense in the rubble. It's a comedy--a parody--and the fact that I laughed a couple of times is enough for me to enjoy it. I don't think my money was wasted, though I have to say that I cringed and raised eyebrows a couple of times during the duration of the movie.

And because I'm sleepy (wrote this last night!), I'll just just down my other thoughts on the movie:

  • Probinsyanas are horribly depicted in the film. I AM OFFENDED HAHA. For your information, not all probinsyanas dress like Becca, played by Barbie Forteza. Also, I close my eyes everytime she appears on screen. No, just no. Her character is annoying, annoying, annoying. I mean, you criticize your cousin for being maarte and high-maintenance when you cry over your savings that you'd use to buy ballots for you to win a pageant? WHAT. WHAT. ....WHAT? Isn't buying your own ballots cheating or something?
  • The movie opens with a narratio by Ruffa Guttierez, who plays some media executive or TV producer or something. And for some weird reason, the movie is concluded with a voice over of a random character who happens to work for the Polo Club that's so highly important for the girls. It just feels so disjointed.
  • Bianca King should probably step up her game because Rhian, Heart and Solen pulled off their characters quite well!
  • Also, I find Danielle's storyline to be the most problematic. I don't knoooow. It's too shallow for me, really. I mean, his father is sent to jail and instead of worrying about his father and family, she worries about being poor and how her friends would accept her and how that rich guy can't save her from her troubles. I mean, what. Also, can't Santi, Danielle's love interest, see that she's a gold-digger?
  • I love Heart in this movie, because it reminds me of her role in the old teen sitcom, G-mik! She's a conyo in that sitcom, and I don't know, it just reminded me of the old Heart.
  • Also, I have never appreciated Rhian till this movie. LEGS LEGS LEGS.
  • I love their clothes. OMG. I want to dress like them but being a commuter and a middle class citizen, it's just impossible to dress like them.
It's not perfect, but Sosy Problems is an okay movie to pass the time. Definitely not the best entry for this year's MMFF. Hopefully I'd ge to watch other film entries.

P.S. This is the first time in a long time that I've watched a movie produced by GMA Films. I think the last time I watched Muro Ami, and we all know that's more than a decade ago.

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