Sunday, 11 November 2012

Quick (2011)

Quick, 2011

Quick is an action-comedy about a courier named Han GiSoo. He also happens to be a legendary biker. Without knowing the contents of the packages he delivers, he end up delivering a bomb. This starts his race against a ticking bomb.

For a movie that's less than two hours, they managed to pack up a lot of action into it. It certainly feels a lot longer than an hour and fourty-five minutes due to all the exciting scenes one after another. (This can also be a low point since it feels long when it's really not. Thus, it's a bit of a drab in some parts?) With a pair of silly protagonists, Han GiSoo (Lee MinKi) and his ex-girlfriend, ChunShim (Kang HywWon), we get a serving of a blood-pumping story. There's not a dull moment in this movie because even the opening is already full of stunts and explosions. We get a lively set of characters so they manage to balance out the action sequences with the interesting conversations between the characters.

I love Lee MinKi's portrayal of Han GiSoo as a smooth driver but ends up being spazzy and panicky when the situation gets crucial. His acting is strong when he's being all lulzy but he still manages to insert some warmth into his character. I adore Han GiSoo's gentle moments with ChunShim, but I think I prefer the ones when they go into a rapidfire charades with the police, trying to explain about the bomb.

Frankly, the film's lowest point is when they finally reveals why Han GiSoo's chosen to be the one to deliver the bombs. They build up way too much mystery on Han's involvement in the bombing but we get an overly emotional reveal, followed on quite an immediate toning down of the secret. They give us a grave reason on why Han GiSoo has to pay for being such an irresponsible biker then they brush it off as if it's nothing. If they're going to do it that way, then they should have presented a simpler reason.

I'm glad that they give credit to the movie's stuntmen. This movie wouldn't even exist if not for the stuntmen willing to jump and roll and slam themselves on pavement floor, with fires and all. By showing their braveness in the closing sequence, they already give tribute to the stuntmen who risk their lives just so this movie can happen. I think action movies should do this more often.

Overall, Quick's an enjoyable movie to pass the time. Nothing award-winning about it but it's still something worth watching. With an equal amount of action and silliness, it's a nice movie to watch during Saturday nights with friends. (But I watched it alone. On a friday night. Cue in some sad music please.)

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