Friday, 2 November 2012

Hana and Alice (2004)

The entire time I was watching Hana and Alice, I kept on thinking that I love this movie. I love this movie. I love this movie. But when I asked myself why, I had to pause for a long time and still couldn't come up with a reason why. I think I now understand what some people mean when they feel fluffy. This movie makes me feel fluffy, but I can't exactly tell you why.

There's a melancholic approach to the story of two quirky girls that make you want to enter the screen and bask in the glorious sunset, too. The story is partnered with some nice soundtrack that only gives more poignant touch to the already nostalgic film. It's a story of two best friends who start to drift apart when they enter high school. It's not clear, though, how they start to go their separate ways. I think it all starts when Hana falls in love and pushes Alice away. But we still see how they treat each others as friends though they tell people that they're not friends.

I re-read what I've just written and realized that I haven't really explained it well. Because frankly, I got a little lost in the movie, too. The story-telling is coherent, but sometimes, there's so many things going on, so many themes being explored all at the same time. Sometimes, you forget what the story is all about. But no, it's impossible to forget that this movie is about Hana and Alice and their friendship.

It's easy to fall in love with Alice. It's easy to see how the love interest of the two also favors her. There's something about her playful expressions, her whimsical stare, her light approach to things that make you want just give her a hug. You just want cheer her on and to dote on her, specially when you know what she's going through and how she's taking it in strides.

It's easy to get irritated with Hana, to get frustrated with her actions. But it's also easy to sympathize with her. We all fall in love and we all get ourselves in trouble. And we all know that once we've already created a trouble that has blown out of proportion, it's harder to make things right.

I love Hana and Alice, and I still cannot put into words why. There's some humor in this movie and I know that I cracked a smile and laughed at some scenes. I also fell in love with the witty dialogue, especially between the two friends. This movie is so beautifully shot that it was enough to leave me awestruck at times.

I don't think I can ever be a good enough writer to explain why I love this movie. I don't think I can ever find the right words why this movie make me happy and sad at the same time. Hana and Alice feels like an old friend that you haven't seen a long time but still manages to make you feel comfortable. This is the kind of movie that you stow away in your collection and only unearths when you're feeling like crap and needs a movie that would pick you up.

Hana and Alice feels like home, just like how the two good friends feel with each other, too.


  1. I have seen this before... without subs partida. pero I still enjoyed the movie then (hindi ko n kasi maalala yung mga naganap)

    1. Sa halip na replyan kita dito kinausap na lang talaga kita ng personal noh? Haha.


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