Sunday, 26 January 2014 is up!

Alas, the day has come that I have to say to this blog. No, I'm not saying goodbye to blogging nor to blogging about my multiple fandoms. It's just that I moved to a new blog! Yes, I finally bought a domain. I wanted but it's already taken. I almost changed the name of this site but I didn't! I just added an 's' lol.

Anyway, I do hope to keep some of my readers. I'd love to still interact with all of you. :) To visit the new blog, just click on the photo below:
Though this isn't goodbye, it's still a bit sad that I'll be leaving Blogger. I did stay here for more than a year. :( Anyway, I definitely will miss you all. But it's not like it's the end. But to express how I truly feel, here's a tearful Sawako. I definitely hope that I'll still be able to fangirl with all of you. Though it may be a different domain, it's pretty much the same site. (o;TωT)o

See you there!

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