Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Cutie: So JiSub (소지섭)

So JiSub (소지섭))
DOB: November 4, 1977
Known forMemories of Bali,
I'm Sorry I Love You, Master's Sun

You probably saw this coming. Or not. So JiSub is one of the actors I really like. He's not ground-breaking as an actor but I really like most of his movies and dramas. My love for him increased for his Joo JoongWon role in Master's Sun. To top it all off, he's insanely good-looking. Sure, he has a few misses when it comes to hairstyle (*cough*ahjusshi*cough), but he's just good in any hairstyle, really. He pulls of the bedhead really well, too.

So basically, in this post I'll be using up all my positive adjectives just trying to describe this man.

It's difficult to make this post because I ended up just ogling at his photos. I find myself so immersed in staring to start writing. He's been around pretty long and already has an extensive list of photo shoots and endorsements. He has calendars and even his own magazine! So of the hundreds of his good photos out there, how can I choose just a few?

But I tried, I really did. So let's start with his photoshoot with High Cut. You can never go wrong with High Cut. When I like an artist/actor, I look for their High Cut photo shoot because there's a 100% guarantee that it'll be good.

See? The photo (and the first one, too) is so simple.
But it's just perfect. Or maybe it's SJS who's perfect.

He also released a magazine SONICe and for some reason,
I can't find that many photos from the magazine! :(

He makes the bling-bling not look tacky.

And now, let's start with my favorite endorsement of his. So JiSub is a Giordano endorser for a really long time! As much as I want to tell you since when, I just can't find a single reference so let's just settle for a really long time. In every single shoot, he looks phenomenal (lol). It's also through Giordano that I developed a strong desire to ship him with Shin MinAh. The two look so good together! HUHUHUHUHU SO MUCH CHEMISTRY I CAN'T

Let's start with this because I love Jung WooSung, too. Hehe.

Can you see why it's so easy  to ship them?
Looking so fab and making the airport seem like a runway!!!!!


Seriously hoping he's a Giordano endorser forever.
The classic white polo shirt looks ridiculously good on him.

Say hello to my current wallpaper.
All his Giordano shoots are perfect!

To end the Giordano spam, here's my favorite video of So JiSub
and Shin MinAhbeing adorable together.

It's from 2010 but he looks the same!

He does the bad boy look really well. FML (source)

Apparently, the good boy look is okay, too. Again, FML. (source)

....... ;___;

I like tortured-looking So JiSub, too.
Show me the face, though! (source)

There's nothing normal about men hugging teddy bears.
But he makes it seem okay and adorable and ugh.
You, life-ruiner!

If you want to see this man in action, I suggest you try watching his movies and dramas, too. Some of my favorite show/movies of him:
  • Master's Sun (drama) - Yay! His latest drama where he manages to be funny and heart-breaking at the same time. I love him as Joo JongWon.
  • Always (movie) - He plays a broody ex-boxer who falls in love with a blind woman. It's a cute movie and you'll just want to be Han HyoJoo here. He's also really dirty and rugged in this movie, which I like. Hehe.
  • Company Man (movie) - He's an assassin who has a poker face on for two hours. Nyahaha. But it's a movie I really enjoy!
  • Ghost (drama) - A clean-cut So JiSub is so pretty. Also, it's a really good drama.

To end this post, here's an adorable So JiSub for you! I just want to gobble him up.


  1. JANE! Never thought you love K's, too!!!! <3 <3 <3 same here lolz....would love to follow this blog :) (ba't kase ngayon ko lang toh nakita??? :P ) _"Ate Ni"

    1. Ate Ni! :) Yes, college palang adik na ako. hahahaha. Tagal nating seatmates sa Stat di man lang natin napagkwentuhan 'to~ :)


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