Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fall Dramas: The Heirs, Reply 1994, Basketball

I'm only watching one drama now (Master's Sun), but come October I'd probably be sleeping just an hour a day. Seriously though.

There are three fall dramas I'm excited for in varying degrees! Though more Kdramas means a happier me, I also don't have the time to watch them all. But for the sake of my Korean drama-loving heart, I will make time for them!



It has a much longer title (The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown) but I'll stick to the short one. It stars Lee MinHo in his first drama for this year, and starring opposite him is Park ShinHye, a.k.a. the luckiest Korean actress ever. Really though, just look at her list of co-stars and you just want to be her! And now she's teaming up with Lee MinHo. Ugh, so lucky.

I have many reasons to watch this drama but mostly because Lee MinHo! Apparently, the screenwriter wrote the role specifically for him. So I'm hoping for great things. I'm hoping for a role that will once again put Lee MinHo at the top of the ladder! I know Faith didn't do that well when it comes to ratings. I want this drama to succeed for obviously biased reasons.

Other reasons for watching this include Woo Bin. Heehee. There are tons of other fresh, young actors and actresses in this drama and I.CANNOT.WAIT. From the title itself, it's about young, rich kids and their plight. Just like what a reader from Dramabeans sad, a Korean version of Gossip Girl. That sounds exciting!

What irks me though is that Park ShinHye plays an ordinary girl. For once, I just want the lead character to be the Queen Bee, the ruler of the school, the jjang, the bitch if you may. I want her to be the richest among the characters. I want the girl to be as cunning as the other players. But alas, this is just like Boys Over Flowers. Well, hopefully not!

My friend said I shouldn't raise my expectations but it's Lee MinHo! I can't help but be excited.


REPLY 1994

The prequel to the much-loved drama last year is finally here, and it looks promising.

Reply 1994 is set three years prior to Reply 1997 (quick math lol), but it's set in a different town and deals with different characters. It's a different world altogether, but it's helmed by the same people who brought Reply 1997 to the mainstream public. I have high hopes.

It stars Go Ara in a boyish and cutesy role. It's so different from the pretty and feminine Go Ara I usually see! I have no idea how she acts but I won't judge too quickly. Starring opposite her is Yoo YeonSeok (Gu Family Book, A Werewolf Boy). He looks so cute in the poster, whereas I'm not really a big fan. Hmm.
Reply 1994
Unlike in Reply 1997 where they focused on the start of KPOP in Korea, Reply 1994 will focus on another trend during that time: basketball. So it'll be a sports drama, but I'm pretty sure that it will just serve as one of the main themes.

TvN has been delivering one quality drama after another so I don't think it's too much to believe that this one will be good as well. I have no super crush in this drama, and if you know me, you'll know that I only watch dramas in which I like the actors. Haha. But I'll still watch this. 

I seriously cannot wait.



Another basketball drama. And yes it's set on a different time period. And yes it's also form TvN. It sounds a bit buffling on how they can premiere two basketball-period dramas at the same time, but hey, fans like me are still itching to watch.

Set during the time from the Japanese occupation in Korea leading to the division of the two Koreas, basketball will serve as the ray of hope for our lead characters. It will be lead by Do JiHan, a new face in the land of the oppar.

What I love about TvN or cable dramas in general is how it gives chance to new actors and actresses to be the lead in dramas. Basketball will have a bunch of new faces, and it's interesting because it gives cable dramas a raw quality into it. And you see characters as characters alone and not as the actors who play them or the characters they used to play. I'm not sure if I'm making sense?

Anyway, it will be aired the same time as Reply 1994! I'm not sure how that will work. I hope audience will not get confused.


I'm not sure if I can watch it all while it's still airing, but I'm pretty sure that I'll watch all of it eventually. I work during the day and this week, I started my Korean language class, too. I wonder if I'll still have time for dramas. But hey, I had time for dramas when I was doing my thesis for college! So I'm pretty sure I'll still have time for my oppar.


  1. Wow! So many new dramas coming out! I've seen around so many lists on Kdrama blogs. Most of them look promising. So excited!
    I'm not sure if I should watch Heirs though... As much as I LOVE Lee Min Ho, I can't stand Park Shin Hye. I don't know, there's just something about her that really pisses me off :/ I guess I'll give it a try and if I'm able to tolerate PSH then I'll watch the drama.
    Anywho, you are so right! PSH is the luckiest Kactress! She has worked with almost everyone I love! *jealous* Oh and I agree. It would be nice to see the protagonist of a drama as a queen bee, for a change..

    1. Hi Hira~

      I know so many people who are apprehensive to watch Heirs because of PSH. :( I'm not the biggest fan but I like her! Haha but I kind of understand you, too. I didn't like her in Heartstrings haha. But LEE MINHO! You just HAVE to give this drama a shot~ :)

      PSH's list of co-stars is the best ever. Jang GeunSuk, YongHwa, Yoon ShiYoon, etc. But to top it all off, Lee Minho huhuhuhuhu I'm so jealous~
      And yeah, just to make this drama a lot different from Boys Over Flowers :(

    2. I think that if I do decide to watch this drama, the only reason would be that it has Lee Min Ho in it :P I really really hope this is not another BOF!! And that PSH has improved her kissing skills :p

  2. i watch reply 1994 too!!

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    christian | my blog :
    greetings from hong kong


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