Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rainy Day Movies

It may be sunny in other parts of the world, but in the Philippines we're facing one storm after another. Right now, we're still battling Maring, one of the strongest storms to hit the country. A huge part of the metro is still submerged in flood. I'm luckily in my home province, and the rain won't stop falling. It's scary to go out.

So far the past five days, I do nothing but watch anime, movies, and kdramas. Thankfully, I never ran out of things to watch!

My Rainy Days
My Rainy Days (2009)

Of course, this has to be on the list!

This movie tells the story of Rio, a high school student who banks on her looks to gain friends and to find love. When she meets the college professor, Kouki, she realizes that there are some things in her life that she has to change.

Their first meeting happens in a hospital. The second takes place in the rain. It's a cute love story about two individuals who can't be more different from each, but they learn to adapt to each other's quirks. I actually expected a more mature type of movie but was surprised that it takes on a more innocent approach.

This could have been a typical Japanese romantic movie, but I'm glad that it takes a different path for its ending.

The Garden of Words
The Garden of Words (2013)

Takao promises to only skip school everytime it rains. And everytime it does, he goes to a park and sketches. Here he meets Yukino, an older woman who drinks beer and eats chocolate during daytime. As rainy days happen more, the two meets more often and eventually develops a subtly and genuine friendship.

This movie is really beautiful and I think I need to write a proper commentary for it. It's written, produced and directed by the man behind 5 Centimeters Per Second, so I guess it's no surprise that this one is amazingly drawn, too. However, I think I prefer this over 5 Centimeters.

I don't know what to say, but it definitely is the perfect movie to watch while cuddling in bed. Well, that's what I did anyway.

Memories of Murder
Memories of Murder (2003)

When it comes to crime/detective movies, expect Korea to produce the best ones.

Based on a true story, Memories of Murder details the events that took place in the 80s when the first known serial murderer in Korea was on a rampage. Two detectives try to solve the case while both are trying to adjust to each other's own sense of justice.

It's a thrilling murder case especially when things start to get personal. What makes this movie enthralling is how it tries to look into the heart of the murder, but ends up looking into the hearts of the detectives as well. When it comes to seeking justice, sometimes the one carrying it out gets blinded  by their own conviction.

Nothing can make you feel the chill of rainy days than a good crime movie. It's been quite a long time since I watch it but it left quite a lasting mark.

Temptation of Wolves
Temptation of Wolves (2004)

Not my favorite Guiyeoni novel adaptation, but it's definitely a nice movie to watch while curling up in bed. Nothing beats high school sappy love stories when it comes to warming up your insides.

HanKyung is a country bumpkin who moves to the city. She's pretty daft, and somehow, she finds herself in the middle of a whirlwind story full of romance, gang fights and some brotherly love.

She's definitely not the best heroine out there, too, but she has to two leading men enough to turn away the dark clouds of your day. (Okay, that sounds ridiculous. Sorry.) This is the movie that sent Kang DongWon into stardom, and he definitely made me love TaeSung. In the novel, I actually prefer HaeWon.

If you end up enjoying this movie, try Doremi and He Was Cool, too!

Sunny (2010)

Definitely my favorite movie of all tim, so it's the perfect movie to watch in any season. But when it's storming outside, this is the kind of movie that can cheer you up. Heck, even the title says so!

Nami is an average housewife who's going through a mid-life crisis. One day when she visits her mother in the hospital, she meets an old friend. Together, they reminisce their high school days and tries to find their other friends. It's a heart-warming movie about friendship and growing up.

Nothing perks me up more than this movie does. I think it's the best example of how a woman loses herself once she becomes a wife and a mother. Together with her friends, Nami tries to find her old self.

It's weird how I haven't blogged about this movie, but if anyone will ask for a movie recommendation, this will always be on the list.

The Classic
The Classic (2003)

JiHae, a college student, moves to the house her mother used to live in. Here, she finds a collection of letters and diary entries of her mother's first love who happens to not be her father. As she slowly learns about her mother's past, she also starts to fall for SangMin. The tricky part is that her best friend likes him, too.

It's a movie that deals with two different love stories but somehow finds a link in both. It's quite a treat since both stories have their own unique charm. Up till now, I haven't decided which one I like better.

Can there be a more defining movie than The Classic? Who can ever forget the rain scene in this movie? I have no idea how many times I have tried to imitate that scene.

If you haven't seen this movie, then you better do something about it. It's one of the must-watch RomCom South Korean movies, you know.


It definitely feels nice to stay in bed and watch movies all day, but I do hope that the rain will stop. We had too much already. You can help by donating or volunteering. The easiest would to check out In the meantime, I do hope that all my readers are safe and warm at home.


  1. Sunny was on my to-be-watched list but I never got around to watching it. Then I saw your list and finally gave it a shot. I loved it so much!!! Thank you for the awesome movie list!!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you love Sunny! It's my favorite ever <3


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