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Tidbits: That Winter, Tohoshinki's Time, and Other Fangirl Stuff

I've been a bad blogger lately. I've been watching tons of Asian flicks but haven't blogged even one. Not that I've been lazy, it's just that work has been stressful! But I will work on rants and raves about those movies later this week (more like next week, tbh). For the meantime, I decided to start this series in which I talk about the things I'm into. I don't do that much blogging, but I certainly haven't been lazy on the watching part of being a fangirl.

Behind the scenes of That Winter
That Winter the Wind Blows has me captivated. When I started watching this drama, I suddenly shoved Flower Boy Next Door to the side because TWWB is just so compelling. I usually hate spoilers but since I already watched Love Me Not (the movie version of this drama!), I already know what's going to happen in the end. I'm pretty sure my hoping and pining for a happier ending will be futile but I continue to hope and pine anyway.

Jo InSung's first drama after his military service is proving to be a hit in the ratings. It's also the comeback drama of Song HyeGyo and I can say that they made a good choice. The drama has a pretty tight plot, amazing writing, strong cast, and jaw-dropping cinematography. I think KimBum's too strong an actor to play a second lead, though, and I'm definitely not a fan of EunJi here. But overall, this is my favorite 2013 drama so far, not that I've watched a lot.

Also, the last episode I watched (ep. 9!) disappointed me a bit. But it still has my heart and I cannot wait for the next episode.

Tohoshinki's latest album T/ME is amazing! I'm no expert when it comes to music but their album is all I listen to lately. Since I've been a fan of DBSK since their debut, it used to irk me when they promote in Japan more. I wasn't a fan of their earlier Japanese singles. It was only after the split that I had a suddent appreciation for their Japanese songs. And from TONE, I realized that their Japanese albums are really miles better than their Korean ones.

So I had high expectations for T/ME and I'm glad to report that they're well met.

It took me a while to warm up to some songs but after hearing it the third time, I'm hooked! Fated threw me off a bit because it reminded me of Tri-Angle and even O Jung Ban Hap for it's epicness and grandiosity. But after a few more listens, I decided that it's tons better. Somehow, I cannot listen to the album without listening to it first.

My favorite songs are the mid-tempo ones because they make me so darn happy for weird reasons! Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai has been my LSS for the past couple of days because come on, Aitakute is repeated a million times in the song! But it's really rather catchy. One More Thing is another upbeat happy song that I'd probably listen when I'm down. Some don't like In Our Time saying that it's pretty but boring, but I think just listening to would make you appreciate it more. And I've been listening to it a lot and it's niiiiice. Of the new songs, One and Only One is my favorite, and not just because it's ChangMin's favorite track, too, okay.

But of course, I Know will forever be my favorite ballad of theirs. After they released the PV for the song a couple of months ago, I've been listening to it everyday and I still haven't tired of it. 
Tohoshinki is breaking their own records and making new ones. They're topping the Oricon charts and soon, they'll start their five-dome tour in Japan! I'm so happy with what they've achieved, and I know that they deserve it!

P.S. I cannot wait to get my own copy of the album!

P.P.S. ChangMin is so adorable on King's Brunch! If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here!

Last November, Lee MinHo went to the Philippines as a Bench endorser for some fan meeting and meet and greet. I had a couple of interactions with him and definitely one of the highlights of my 2012! Seeing the amazing Daejang in person is too precious a memory okay!

Recently, Bench  released a DVD of the LMH's visit to country. Though I do not have a copy of the said DVD, someone uploaded a clip online. To my surprise, I was in the video! Though my friends and family are laughing at me for being such a fangirl and getting caught in the act, I am actually quite proud, okay.

Below's my mini appearance. You can see me at 00:53. I'm the smiling girl behind Lee MinHo. It was in the arrival area of NAIA and I have blogged about that little experience over here.

Hohohoho. This reminds me, I haven't written about the Bench Fun Meet and Meet-and-greet! Must work on that soon. Gah, my backlog is killing me.
CNBLUE's Blue Moon Tour poster
It's confirmed that CNBLUE will have a concert in the Philippines on June, and my friends and I have been waiting for the ticket prices to be revealed. All this waiting is killing me because I really have to know how much it'll be so I can start saving! I've seen them perform live last June and I just want to see them again! Though I cannot say that I'm a Boice, I'm a big big big big fan of their music! In the KPOP world, it's safe to say that they're my second bias!

Yes, the exclamation points are necessary because I AM THAT EXCITED!

I will miss you, Prince Shim!
On a sadder note, Moonlight Prince aired their last episode last Tuesday. I am really sad about this because ChangMin's doing so well! It's just a literature variety program isn't something that the general public would like to see, so I'm not surprised with the low ratings.

I've been incredibly happy to see ChangMin doing so well, and I've taken a fancy with the other MCs. I don't find it boring, too! It's just a lot more subdued than other variety shows. /le sigh

But I guess it's all for the better since ChangMin will be busy with their Japan tour this April. But I will definitely miss Prince Shim and the other not-so-young Princes.

Watch his farewell message here.

Wow, this post is longer than planned. I guess I can never keep my comments and rants short! haha. I promise to work on my movie reviews, but it will probably take me a week to post it!

Obviously the best way to end this post x

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