Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy 3rd Year, YongSeo!❤

It's already the 12th of February where I'm from so yes, I'm a bit late on greeting the YongSeo couple for their third anniversary. And just like any Goguma, I wonder if the two remembered the first time they met at the MBC lobby. And like many Gogumas, I celebrated their 3rd year by watching their first episode! If I weren't too busy with work, I probably marathoned the shit out of it, but I fail and only got to watch the first episode.

No matter how awkward the first episode may be, I'll always find it a delight to watch. Yong and Hyun certainly struggled to get over the barrier between them, and I experienced secondhand embarrassment for both. But despite the awkward laughing, silent moments, and a lot of nodding and giggling for no reason, it's a good reminder of the good ol' days and a good gauge to see how much they have grown.

And who could forget this moment (which I gif'd because I felt guilty for not doing anything else special for today haha) : 


Yong, you definitely couldn't hide your glee huh? Don't worry, I'm smiling and squeeing the entire time, too.

Aside from the butterflies and giggles YongSeo gave me for the past year that I had been a fan, I have learned quite a lot from them. I learned that idols can be pretty down-to-earth, too, and they can be bookworm and nerds and passionate music lovers. I learned that even total opposites can be a good match as long as they set aside differences and sometimes, even use their differences to their advantage. YongSeo taught me that communication, no matter how difficult and embarrassing it may be to express youself!, is something that every couple must strive to practice at all times. YongSeo couple has shown me so much patience and so much care for each other.

I don't think I can ever express in words how much these two make me proud to be a Goguma. They may have been out of the show for quite a while now, but I'm still a fan of SeoHyun and I'm still a fan of Yong. And definitely, I'm still such a big Goguma.

I hope this 2013, we see more interactions between the two, of course! So far, it has been a pretty good year. The hamburgers may say bad things about Gogumas, but I don't think they can say anything to bring us down from Gochun.

Happy 3rd anniversary, Yong and Hyun! You have no idea how you make use happy just by showing that you stayed as friends. Hwaiting!

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