Friday, 1 February 2013

ChangMin on Moonlight Prince

So let's talk about how amazing ChangMin is on Moonlight Prince. We all had our worries about his hosting since he's pretty quiet when he's around people he's not close to. But I think we undermined him a bit because he's a grown man now and been in the business for over a decade. I think by now he can interact comfortably with anyone if he wants to. He just chooses not to keep quiet when YunHo hyung's around and let him have all the spotlight.

Then the first episode came out and he's being the snarky and blabbermouth and evil maknae that we all love. *huggles* Seriously, I am smiling like a fool because sheesh, he just went on and on blabbering on his co-MCs. Heehee. But I love how they bully him as well. \o/ When Kang HoDong teased him about his rebellion, I died. He really is a prince, isn't he? Haha.

Also, I know that people are worried that he might be tiring out himself way too much. But it's work and I just think that he enjoys it now. The things he do. He's not the old ChangMin who hates showbiz. You can clearly see that he loves what he's doing now, and I'm pretty sure that even if he's tired, it's all worth it.

Now, I'm just waiting for someone to regularly sub all the episodes of Moonlight Prince and not just ChangMin's parts! But for now, let's all be happy that someone is subbing his parts.

For more subbed ChangMin cuts on Moonlight Prince, head over to hyunsyajoon's Youtube channel! Thank you~

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