Monday, 18 February 2013


Dear Prince Shim,
I've been celebrating your birthday for almost a decade, and every time, I still don't know what to say. You have grown from the quiet boy who hides behind his hyungs to someone who's already brave and talkative enough to be a variety show MC. I'm not sure how many times I've said this but I am so proud of you, just like the way a mother feels proud for his son. Ha. But really, just thinking about how much you've grown and changed (for the better! a lot better) makes me feel a tad too emotional so I won't even go there.
I do know that your strength of character came with a price, and I do know that at the end of the day, you know that it's all worth it. It makes me happy just to think that even though you went through so many trials a young man in his 20's shouldn't even go through, you thread on and emerged victorious. I am happy to see you widen your circle of friends because I know that you may have went through some friendship trouble in the past, but you're still willing to let people in. 
I wish you success in every endeavor, and I wish the highest ratings for your variety show. But honestly, I just want you to have fun. You're young, and I know that you always say that you want a normal life. But it's still a relief to see that you're finally having a bit of fun and laughter in the limelight.
I wish you more creative freedom and artistic license in creating good music with your hyung, of course.  TVXQ is YunHo and ChangMin, and detractors may say otherwise but I wish you more strength in proving how much power the two of you hold. I'm sure that this year will be an amazing year for TVXQ. Whatever you want to make happen this year, just want you to know that us, fans, will be 100% behind you. 
Thank you for making me laugh and smile all the time.  You may be the snarky maknae but you're still a delight to watch and see. Thank you for never doing things just because it's easy, for standing behind your principles, and for not losing yourself in the crowd. You're really someone I look up to. You have no idea how you always brighten my day, especially when stress from work and from my daily life gets a bit too much to handle. 
Your music will always be a source of inspiration. You will always be my inspiration. 
Happy 26th birthday, Prince Shim. I love you forever, Shim ChangMin.  
Love, Jane 

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