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Blind (2011)

Blind (2011)

Kim HaNeul plays SooAh, a blind woman who's a witness to a crime. She's joined by the noona-killer Yoo SeungHo who plays KiSub. Wait, that sounds wrong. He's not the killer in the movie, he's simply the killer in terms of killing one noona after another because he's a ridiculously good actor who happens to be too young to be fancied by noonas like me. Wow. This is becoming less and less like a coherent review. Anyway.

The concept is good since it's ironic how a blind woman is the only solid link to solve a crime. She's a witness but it's quite hard to say that she really witnessed what happened. Good thing her other senses are heightened and she still manages to help solve the crime because she's so sensitive to movement, smell, and sound. Their representaion of SooAh's way of viewing things is so creative. Instead of just always seeing her fumbling through the scene, we see it through her perspective where she only sees shadows and blurred objects against a black backdrop.

But Blind is not as tensed as I hoped. The killer is not as scary as I expected. I'm just not at ease at how he seems to be more impulsive than other serial murderers. He does things without caution and leaves prints everywhere. And how he kills people so easily, even those he doesn't intend to be his victim, seems too unrealistic. Or maybe he's just really psychotic and cold-blooded that he no longer cares about being found out.

I like Yoo SeungHo's role in the movie and how his relationship with SooAh ensues. I guess it's a relief that there's no romance angle in the movie since that often ruins thriller films for me. But here, all we have is noona love and that's more than I can hope for. It also doesn't hurt that he's so cute that ugh. I have no words.

Kim HaNeul won Best Actress for her role in Blind and I actually think it's well-deserved.

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  1. napanood ko na super nice and ang gwapo ni Yoo SeungHo... except hi hair. Muntik na akong hindi makatulog dahil gabi ko xa pinanood. Natakot ako baka ako yung next target nung serial killer. Etchos ^_^


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