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TVXQ's Catch Me

My thoughts on TVXQ's comeback single, Catch Me, can be summarized as follows:


Yes, I'm not very coherent when it comes to TVXQ. And before I even go and rant about it, I think I should put this out there. I'm a very, very, very biased fangirl. A very, very, very emotional one, too. I don't cry over movies and dramas but I cry over DBSK (I prefer DBSK than TVXQ, thus I'll call them DBSK from here one). So yeah. I just want to avoid anyone telling me I'm too biased because I know that already. Haha.

I've been meaning to post my thoughts on Catch Me but I waited for their comeback performance first. You have no idea how agonizing it to let the world wide web know how much ecstatic I am over all this. Well, I've ranted over it on Twitter and Tumblr but it's not complete unless I've raved about it here. I may end up parroting what everybody else have already said but I don't care.

Oh, another disclaimer. I am no music expert. I am a horrible singer, and basically, music is not my forte. Anyway.

So let's start with their single.

CATCH ME,  The Single

What is eargasm.

I played it over and over again, because it's so addicting. I know that people think it doesn't sound like TVXQ at all, and they mean it in a bad way. But I still feel as if it's very TVXQ. Sure, it's a bit more techno, and there's too much dubstep and whatever for some. But it stills feels like a song TVXQ would sing. And they sang it well, of course.

I am incredibly proud of ChangMin and YunHo because I know that they're not the best singers out of the original five members. But look at them belt out high notes and make such a stunning song. It's catchy but it's not just pop-py. if you know what I mean. I'm pretty sure that some parts of auto-tuned, but not too much that you would no longer hear their real voice. Based on this song alone, I can see how much they've improved as singers. I don't have good listening skills, but YunHo I LOVE YOU. And ChangMin, I'm so proud because your voice is no longer too shrill for my liking.

Argh. I've been listening this consistently for the past two weeks, listening to it repeatedly all throughout the entire. And I don't get tired at all.

CATCH ME, The Album

I want to cry over the gorgeousness of this album. They tried out different genres and proved to me why they remain to be my favorite KPOP group. And that probably won't change. Ever.

For the first time, I listen to their album and loved all the tracks. Sometimes, I wonder how this album would sound if JYJ is still part of TVXQ. Probably glorious. But even with just HoMin, Catch Me album is an amazing album. I bet it'll be one of my all-time favorite album of theirs. Seriously. KYHD is their first album as a duo, but Catch Me is the album that they finally make their own identity. The songs are crafted well for their voice, and I love how they were part of the production of the album. I listen to the songs and cannot help but be proud of my boys.

Besides Catch Me, my favorite tracks are Good Night and Like a Soap. According to ChangMin, Good Night is a song that will motivate you when you're tired and stressed and stuff. But I think the song is for lovers. Haha! It's a really, really good song and my second favorite track from the album. Like a Soap has a weird title but it's surprisingly really good!

ChangMin composed I Swear for Cassiopeia. I know right, the whole fandom is quite shocked that the snarky maknae is suddenly expressing his love to the fans he so dearly enjoys bullying. I shed a tear.

CATCH ME, The Music Video

First reaction to this MV: IT'S TOO DARK. Turns out my work computer has a really dark screen resolution. Haha.

But after watching it in HD and watching it about a million times since, I have fallen in love with it. There are so many things to love about this MV and let's just put it on a list because I'm getting incoherent right now:
  1. The choreography! I think the first thing that will stick to your mind is the choreography. TVXQ's title tracks are always a combination of powerful singing and powerful dancing. And I think this music video embodies exactly that.
  2. The cinematography. You have to hand it to SM to produce a well-edited music video. I guess they put all their expensive cameras to good use and hands us one of the most striking music videos of TVXQ. Ever.
  3. There's just something about the way they framed every dance sequence that emphasizes on the glorious choreography. I also adore the effects! it's not too much that it's annoying. It's just enough to give emphasis on what needs to be emphasized.
  4. The outfit and the hairstyles! Haha. For some weird reason, the white heavily beaded outfits make me think it's something they can wear to the airport. WHAT. But the hairstyles! I love it. YunHo looks amazing whatever you do to his hair. But to have it simple and with very minimal hair styling? Ugh. Please keep your hair like that at all times. As for ChangMin, he makes a bao hairstyle look cute. But a darker hair color fits you more. Huhuhu.

CATCH ME, The Dance Rehearsal

I had a heart attack just watching this. This makes me love the choreography. So without all the costumes, the special effects, the flashy lights and whatnot, the choreography is still a killer. Actually, it looks even more frightening because how the heck would they perform live with such a difficult-looking choreography? I ASK YOU HOOOOOOOW.

I have so much respect for ChangMin and YunHo. I am amazed at how the two of them seem to perfectly each other, how they move as one, and how their actions are so well-coordinated with one another. (I love you two, I whisper.)

I think it's such an advantage that their height is almost similar. There are parts in the dance that they hide behind the other and just imagine how the choreography would look like if one of them was a lot smaller. So yay for tall ChangMi and YunHo! \:D/

But I do hope that they're also wearing knee pads when they perform because it really seems as if it hurts. A lot. If you watch it repeatedly and closely (like what I did...), then you'll notice how they seem to throw themselves to the floor so haphazardly. It's scary how they're falling on the floor and standing up immediately as if it doesn't hurt at all. See: 02:13, 02:58, 03:31.

YunHo has always been an amazing dancer so it's no surprise to see him to do so well in the dancing. But if you've seen ChangMin dance since their Hug days, you can't help but swell with so much pride. Our baby has grown so much, hasn't he? After all, he's the one who did the robot dance for his audition. But look at him. Look at him.

Also, ChangMin, what the heck are you wearing? And your hair is reminiscent of your pre-debut days. Haha.

CATCH ME, The Comeback Performance

Before their comeback performance, one of the many thoughts running through a fangirl's mind was whether they'd be performing live. And with a choreography that intense, how can you even sing?! BUT THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT! I'm pretty much the proudest fangirl at the moment.

As of recent, they have performed Catch Me and I Don't Know thrice and I don't think I can give a pretty evaluation for each performance. Their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank was the first to be broadcasted, and it's probably my favorite stage for the very simple reason that they performed it live! I felt like such a bad Cassie because I doubted that they could sing live. But have you seen the dance rehearsal video? It just seemed so impossible at that time. Haha. I know fans are still debating whether this is really live but it doesn't sound as perfect as the CD version so I'm sticking with my belief that it's live. You can watch the MR version of their Catch Me performance here. It's not perfect but it's live and I'll take that over any lip synched performance of theirs.

And because of their comeback on Music Bank, it sets the bar so high that I got a bit sad when they lip synched on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo. (Technically, their Inkigayo performance is their first Catch Me stage but it wasn't broadcasted first, so...) It doesn't mean that I'm not happy with both performances, okay! The stage is amazing and I love how they used LED light to imitate the effects in their music video. The backless outfits on Music Core were pretty nice, too. I'm guessing it'll probably one of the most memorable outfit for their entire promotion of Catch Me. Haha.

The only reason I got sad, though, is because they had to lip synch when we all know that they can perfectly sing it live! But I guess having to repeat the performance countless of times just so the cameraman could get all the shots he need would made their throats sore. This certainly doesn't make me love them any less. And it's not like they have a choice on the matter. Haha.

CATCH ME, Conclusion

Basically, I think this is one of their strongest albums so far. As a duo, this is definitely better than Keep Your Head Down. In their first album as a duo, they performed with such intensity that somehow feels like they're clinging on to dear life with every dance step and every note. The first album seemed to be aiming to prove that they can do it as a duo. And they did it and now they're back with another one, a better and a much stronger one.

I really, really hope they'll do well with this album. I know how much they prepared for it, and if there's a DBSK album that deserves all the awards, I think this is it. They have tried so many musical genres for this album and they didn't suck. LOL. But seriously, I just hope they do well, because if anyone deserves it, DBSK does.

And this may throw you off or whatever, but I'll say it anyway. I'm an OT5, meaning, I love DBSK as 5 and I am hoping for them to still be friends. But I am completely fine with TVXQ as a duo and with JYJ performing separately. I think whatever happens in the end of this mess, the fact remains that I am a fan of the five. Together or separately.

That is all. I shall leave you with TVXQ's Good Night. :)

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