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DBSK on Running Man

So who got excited when the news leaked out that DBSK would be a guest on Running Man? Me. Who got extremely disappointed after watching the episode? Me. Who cannot get over her disappointment? Me. Who wants DBSK to go back to Running Man and have a better nametag-ripping game? Me.

From this alone, you can see how sad I am over the episode. Haha! But for very shallow reasons, though. I love Running Man and it's the only variety show I watch regularly. (I haven't watched all episodes but I'm planning to watch all in the near future!) So when I learned that DBSK would be guesting for the second time this month, I was beyond ecstatic. I devoured every piece of information and fan-taken photos I could find weeks before it aired. Then I watched the episode and somehow, I realized that it's not up to par with other episodes. I don't blame it on the boys, though. A part of me actually feels like there's some sort of minor injustice. HAHA! Don't think I ended up hating Running Man after the DBSK episode because you're wrong! I still love the show.

There are parts I loved and parts that are meh. So let's start with the little things that made me smile and laugh.

[Disclaimer: There are tons of spoilers below the cut. Also, I'm a Cassie and a big ChangMin bias so you know what to expect.]


DBSK's opening performance

The fact that ChangMin is laughing during the entire thing while YunHo's being all serious about the the entire thing made me laugh. It just shows how different the two are, and obviously, one of them can't hide the fact that it's ridiculous to perform Catch Me during sunrise. On a grass field. Okay ChangMin, you can stop laughing now.

Photo Zone on the muddy beach

I obviously haven't watched that many variety shows since it's the first time I see them play in the mud though they claim it's a variety show staple? So, things I love about it:
  • No boots can fit KwangSoo so they had to improvise. Haha! Poor Giraffe.
  • Just seeing them struggle to walk is funny already. Seeing them fall and dive during the game had me lmfao-ing. Literally and not just internet speak okay.
  • ChangMin and HaHa are too cute for words! I love how they won this game because of their strategy and not just because they're lucky and strong or whatever. Haha. Too cute!

  • I love how the boys (meaning Homin) have no reservations in this game. They're idols and they don't care getting all muddied up. It's a pity they didn't show the split second scene in the trailer where ChangMin's laughing whole-heartedly with mud on his teeth. Anyway, YunHo can still sell toothpaste despite being all muddy and dirty. Haha.
I'm so glad that they brought back the photo zone! it's a usual game on early episodes of Running man but haven't been used much in later episodes. So yes, it's a nice welcome.

Reunion of the Monday Couple

Tons of fans are devastated when the Monday Couple could no longer be a couple on the show since Ace JiHyo made her real-life relationship public. But the post-breakup Monday Couple is just as enjoyable. Every scene they have in this episode is too precious. Argh. I can't pick a favorite. Huhu. Maybe when JiHyo was help Gary in the mud because he couldn't move due to the bagginess of his clothes? I don't know!!!!!

Gary is too cute for words. He's starting to become my favorite player on Running Man!

ChangMin and YunHo's showdown

Yes, it is sad that one of the main guests got eliminated so early in the nametag-ripping game but it has to happen. And it just had to happen in the best way possible. YunHo is admittedly one of the most competitive person in SME and ChangMin just loves winning. And when this two had a face off, omg, be still my heart.

Their race in the corridor is just so intense! YunHo, how can you be so fast?! HOW! ChangMin's incredibly fast, too, and with the help of HaHa, they had YunHo cornered. I just find it interesting that they had to compete with each other in the race. In their previous guesting, they're on the same side so we didn't see them in any kind of face off, and I love the one they had in this episode. I love it when my favorites are so competitive. And Catch Me was definitely the perfect song for the chase between the two. :D I can just imagine ChangMin making it a point to brag having ripped off YunHo's nametage. Hrhr.

Yes, KwangSoo's betrayal led to YunHo's entrapment but it gave us this few seconds of race between HoMin and I can't thank KwangSoo enough. Hee.

KwangSoo and Ji SukJin's pairing

KwangSoo and Ji SukJin paired up for this episode and I just love the two of them together. They're the two most bullied players on Running Man but together, they seem to be pretty good! They even won first place in the second game, and everyone's obviously shocked that they placed first. XD I kind of wish they also won in the third game but that's impossible when you're faced with Kim JongKook. Oh well.


KIm JongKook X Moon GeunYoung = NO NO NO

Sure, they look cute as brothers and sisters but as a romantic pair? NO. I have no idea who thought that it'll be cute to pair them up but it's just... weird. It was tolerable on episode 114 but in this episode, it's just unbearable to see Kim JongKook act all flustered and overprotective. I rolled my eyes way too many times.

If other viewers are right in their guest that the show's trying to build up Kim JongKook for his upcoming album by giving him a loveline, I wish they didn't have to do it so blatantly. It seemed forced. And it's annoying that this episode turned into a KJK x MGY show. I didn't watch it for them. There's too many scenes of the two blown out of proportion. Chincha!

Hide-and-seek Game

I enjoy the nametag-ripping portion of Running Man, only if everyone's given the chance to have their nametags ripped. But for this episode, the other team can be eliminated if the bells containing their names are discovered. It's quite... unfair. I don't know. It's just that I do not like how most of it is left to chance. And I don't like how it can be easily manipulated. It looks more scripted that way. I don't know okay. I get distressed just by thinking about it.

DBSK's cameo-like guesting :(

Based on the trailer, I expected more DBSK stuff and got way too little. On the first car ride, they didn't even show ChangMin. And do you know how a ChangMin bias felt when she waited for his car scene to appear and it didn't? It was devastating.

The fact that YunHo and ChangMin got eliminated early in the game frustrates me to no end, and makes me think that it's probably not scripted. But if it is, then they should not have made it seem as if DBSK's the main guest. ChangMin's eliminated by chance (And again, I don't hate KwangSoo for it. Never!) and if they devised a better chasing game instead of a hide-and-seek, it could have been more exciting for the two.

No one can match up to Kim JongKook

In this episode, I think the only ones who can match up in strength if they work together against Kim JongKook is HoMin but they got eliminated early. Everyone is too afraid of Kim JongKook and that's understandable. But I get disheartened when they don't even try to fight him. When JiHyo and Gary just stood there and let their nametages get ripped, I almost snapped. I don't know. How can they not even resist a bit? Don't get me wrong. I love the Monday Couple, I really do. But throwing in the white towel without even fighting doesn't make good variety.

This is why I love KwangSoo. He resists so much even though it's impossible for him to win. Heehee.

Moon GeunYoung

I LOVED YOU. I LOVED YOU A WHOLE LOT. For quite some time (years, really), you were my favorite actress. I was ecstatic when I learned you're in Running Man! You're way too cute in episode 114 but in this episode, I do not know what irked me off. I don't know. What happened? :(

They should have just said Moon GeunYoung's the main guest and DBSK's making a little appearance. Oh, so that's why I'm annoyed.


In conclusion, this episode has good and bad parts. Sadly, the bad parts are enough for me not to like it as much as I probably should. It has DBSK as guests, after all, but it's just not as fun. I know, it makes me sad, too.

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