Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hataw Na (1995)

It's a lonely Sunday when my only possible source of entertainment was television. It's been awhile since I last watched a full movie on TV. And after n years, the movie I ended up watching is Hataw Na!

It's a pretty old movie and some of my friends haven't heard about it! It was released on 1995, meaning, I was only 5 years old when I first saw it. As I remember correctly, I actually liked it back then. But the story had been lost to me after so many years of not seeing the movie. But on that Sunday, I suddenly understood why it's such a hit back then. Despite it's horrifyingly cheesy scenes, it's actually quite good. And I have a feeling that me saying that will make you lose your trust on my judgment. But still.

Here's a clip from the movie:

See? It's a flashmob. I didn't know flashmobs exist as early as 1995! Their dance number during the last scene is more reminiscent of modern flashmobs but I couldn't find a clip on Youtube. I know that it's something that we regularly see on TV shows and movies and pretty much everywhere, but to see it in a movie released almost two decades ago is quite amazing. I couldn't help think that it's so innovative. But then again, old Filipino movies have dance numbers. This one is a bit different, though, since it really focuses on the students' desire to perform. And not just because they're at the beach or a waterpark.

Just some thoughts regarding the movie:
  • We need more movies like this! The Philippine cinema is full of RomComs lately, and I miss movies about a group of friends. I am pretty sure it will sell if they produce a movie reminiscent of Gimik and T.G.I.S. This isn't even entirely about the friendship of the students but it's just nice that love story isn't the center of this movie. Sure, there's a little going on with Gary Valenciano and Dayanara Torres but the story didn't entirely focus on their relationship.
  • Hataw Na is like the Filipino movie version of Glee in a way that I'm not even sure if it's good or bad. Haha. Gary V. definitely reminds me of Will Schuester, but less annoying. 
  • The antagonist of the movie happens to be the principal and I hate how she's so pointlessly evil! Sadly, I do know that a lot of Catholic schools in the country are run by teachers like her. I do not want to generalize, though. I am just glad that I attended a public school in college, and I was free from all the ridiculous rules a Catholic school may have. Just like in the movie.
  • I miss the Jolina with 101 hairstyles and wacky outfits.
  • I don't know how Jao Mapa even became famous. HOW?
  • Victor Neri, on the other hand, is as charming as ever, despite the katsupoy hairstyle. Where is he? I'm pretty sure he's a lot older now, but I hope he still has that bad boy charm. (He also reminds me of Bang SungJoon. OMG. But my friend disagrees.)
  • The dance steps look unbelievably easy? I don't know. It's probably the trend during that time or maybe I'm just so equipped with seeing difficult moves from dance groups these days. Haha. I don't know. But we're talking about a Gary V movie here, and you can't possibly say anything wrong with his dance moves.
  • Watching Hataw Na makes me want to watch more movies of Dayanara Torres, especially that one with Aga Muhlach.
Again, we need more movies like this. It's ridiculously good. Cheesy, but good.

So, I'm calling out to Star Cinema (and to GMA Films, I guess) to produce more barkada movies! It's definitely the best. One with Daniel Padilla is ideal. KTNXBYE.

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  1. LOL sa Daniel Padilla! Pero ugh oo wala nang gantong movies ngayon :( At wala na ring "bold" movies galing 90s. Bakit kaya :)) Pare-pareho na lang lahat T_T


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